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Memorizing a programming language using spaced repetition software | Derek Sivers
Derek Sivers: I’ve been doing this for a year, and it’s the most helpful learning technique I’ve found in 14 years of computer programming.
memorization  anki  memory 
6 days ago by lenards
How To Remember Anything Forever-ish
Lovely comic-style explanation of spaced repetition memory techniques as used in flash cards such as Anki.
creativity  learning  memory  anki  spacedrepetition 
7 days ago by DaleStrumpell
Spaced Repetition
Efficient memorization using the spacing effect: literature review of widespread applicability, tips on use & what it's good for.
memory  anki 
17 days ago by Samuelkordik
Guide to Anki Intervals and Learning Steps - YouTube
Learn how Anki calculates intervals and how you can modify settings to optimize your learning!
spaced-repetition  anki  video 
19 days ago by Styrke
Janki Method | Jack Kinsella
Helpful thoughts on Anki/learning
24 days ago by raheel

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