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Anna: A Crazy Fast, Super-Scalable, Flexibly Consistent KVS | Data Beta
There's fast and there's fast. This post is about Anna*, a key/value database design from our team at Berkeley that's got phenomenal speed and buttery smooth scaling, with an unprecedented range of consistency guarantees. Details are in our upcoming ICDE18 paper on Anna. Conventional wisdom (or at least Jeff Dean wisdom) says that you have…
nosql  kvs  db  anna  bedrock 
10 days ago by kolchak
Dangerous Sex Offenders Confined on an Island
While some people applaud measures like McNeil Island, others think molesters' indefinite confinement violates their legal rights. "This is a very controversial program because all of these people have already served their sentence," Lisa says. "So in a sense, they're being sent to this island to prevent them from crimes that they may commit."

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abuse  prison  justice  mcneil  island  anna  wloll  documentary  research  dialog  civic 
6 weeks ago by soundsgoodright

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