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@GenerateForMe - An introduction to annotation processing
Annotations are extremely versatile especially if we write our own processor to overcharge our development. Learn how to write one in Kotlin.
annotation  annotationprocessor  kotlin 
yesterday by lgtout
Hypothesis – The Internet, peer reviewed.
We’re a nonprofit on a mission to bring an open conversation over the whole web. Use Hypothesis right now to hold discussions, read socially, organize your research, and take personal notes.
annotation  browser  text  information  opensource 
2 days ago by basemaly
Prodigy · An annotation tool for AI, Machine Learning & NLP
Hi there! ? Use the code PRODUCTHUNT on checkout for an additional 10% discount! pip install prodigy.whlprodigy dataset reviews "Entities in customer reviews"prodigy ner.teach reviews en_core_web_sm data2017.jsonl --label PRODUCT✨ Starting the web server on port 8080... via Pocket
annotation  interactive  ml  text  tools 
3 days ago by kintopp
How to annotate literally everything | Mildly entertainingᵝ
Tags I was surprised I didn't have:
libraryscience I guess (library/librarian, something)
or something more specific than communication, though if I go and start with Claude Shannon and then pass through 2nd-order cybernetics I guess it's that broad?
annotation  meta  communication  tools 
8 days ago by johnabbe
How to annotate literally everything | Mildly entertainingᵝ
Comprehensive overview of existing tools, strategies and thoughts on interacting with your data
annotation  research  text  books  how-to  data  bestPractices  webtools  information 
9 days ago by basemaly

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