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The Last Word On Nothing | Goodbye to the Friend I Never Met
A rant about the need to use social sciences to address ecological problems caused by human societies.
society  nature  anthropocene  psychology  ecosystem  collapse 
4 days ago by gerwitz
RT : Welcome to the - weight of land mammals is now 30% humans, 67% our livestock and pets while wild ani…
Anthropocene  from twitter
9 days ago by freerange_inc
Welcome to the - weight of land mammals is now 30% humans, 67% our livestock and pets while wild ani…
Anthropocene  from twitter_favs
10 days ago by thomasj
(17) Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing - A Feminist Approach to the Anthropocene: Earth Stalked by Man - YouTube
To take seriously the concept of the Anthropocene—the idea that we have entered a new epoch defined by humans’ impact on Earth’s ecosystems—requires engagement with global history. Using feminist anthropology, this lecture explores the awkward relations between what one might call “machines of replication”—those simplified ecologies, such as plantations, in which life worlds are remade as future assets—and the vernacular histories in which such machines erupt in all their particularity and go feral in counter-intentional forms. This lecture does not begin with the unified continuity of Man (versus indigenous ontologies; as scientific protocol; etc.), but rather explores contingent eruptions and the patchy, fractured Anthropocene they foster.
anthropocene  anthropology  VIDEO  lecture  feminist  narrative 
12 days ago by pelttari
“The Zombie Diseases of Climate Change”, by Robinson Meyer for The Atlantic
Whether the emergencies of the coming century arrive in the form of fires, or floods, or plagues that rise invisibly from the ground, they’re likely to become more and more extreme and less and less familiar—a fantastical parade of crises we will be shocked to find ourselves battling. Even in its quietest places, the world will become newly hostile.
climatechange  greenland  permafrost  anthropocene  jackpot 
13 days ago by beep
Anthropocene, Capitalocene, Gynocene: The Many Names of Resistance - Still searching - Fotomuseum Winterthur
Another example that reinvents the conditions of visuality in relation to Capitalocene violence is the recent work of Finnish artist Terika Haapoja in collaboration with the writer Laura Gustafsson, which attempts to invent the cultural terms of a post-Anthropocene form of life
anthropocene  historyofothers  art  capitalocene  antroposcene 
14 days ago by pelttari
Paleo Politics | New Republic
It isn’t just that the barbarians are gone. The sense in which we are caught in a world we have built is even stronger than that. The built world that sustains us is so vast that, for every pound of an average person’s body, there are 30 tons of infrastructure: roads, houses, sidewalks, utility grids, intensively farmed soil, and so forth. Without all that, global population would fall to ten million or so, where it stood during much of Scott’s story, or perhaps 200 million, as it was at the beginning of the Common Era. We are creatures of the artificial world that began with Scott’s walls and canals. The Earth is so thoroughly the world we have made that our domestic animals outweigh wild terrestrial mammals by a factor of 25 to one.

We are the only things here, and “here” is a planetary version of the infrastructure state. There really is no more outside. All of this leaves us to ask how far we, on the inside, can overcome the inherited logic of our exploitation machine, and how much of the nonhuman world will be left if we do. Any answers will unavoidably come through political projects to remake this world in gentler and more inclusive forms, so that it can house more kinds of lives. The state got us into this. It is only by using the state for new purposes that we can hope to get ourselves someplace else.
politics  history  anthropocene 
15 days ago by ayjay
The Turin Horse - Wikipedia
Latour uses a scene from this film as paradigmatic of living in the anthropocene
anthropocene  film  SF_film 
15 days ago by gwijthoff
Avslutar dagen med Will Steffen: “The trajectory of the : ”…
TheGreatAcceleration  Anthropocene  from twitter
16 days ago by kentlundgren
Do yourself a favor and read this brilliant, elegiac piece from
anthropocene  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by andriak
Against ‘Sustainability’ - The New York Times
Among the many stories that can be told about the origins of the environmental movement in the West, perhaps the most common is that it began with the emergence of Romanticism in the late 18th century. In this version, environmentalism was born as the good twin to evil industrialization.
additivism  anthropocene  capitalism  climate  change  ecology  environment  extinction  human  nature  progress  sustainability  stream 
25 days ago by therourke
Collapsing insect ecosystems is a serious problem. We have to act now!
Sustainability  Anthropocene  NoPlanetB  from twitter_favs
29 days ago by edsonm
“Nevada Anthropocene” by Bruce Sterling (2014) – Bruce Sterling – Medium
“I’ve had to thaw myself out nineteen times during these geologic eons of the Anthropocene.”
Fiction  Anthropocene  BruceSterling 
29 days ago by imranx

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