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Unmasking Gaylord, Black Metal's Latest Anti-Fascist Enigma
Great interview with a non-binary antifascist Death Metal artist from Nova Scotia, currently based in London.

CN: Article includes track titles and discussion of tracks about antifascist violence, sexual violence and murderous revenge.
by:KimKelly  from:Vice  PopeRichard  RichardWeeks  OliviaNeuteredJohn  Gaylord  BlackMetal  music  antifascism 
16 days ago by owenblacker
'No pasarán': Spain laps up Clapton CFC's anti-fascist football kit
A London non-league football club’s away kit has become a surprise hit in Spain, because of the anti-fascist message embroidered into it. Clapton Community FC have taken more than 5,400 pre-orders for their shirts, after pictures of the kit gained media attention on the continent.

The red, purple and yellow shirt was worn for the first time last Saturday, and the colour scheme is inspired by the flag of the Second Spanish Republic, and honours the International Brigades who fought in the civil war. The back of the shirt features the slogan “no pasarán”, meaning “they shall not pass”, which was used by anti-fascist fighters in the 1930s. It also features the three-pointed star of the International Brigades, and was released to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the end of the conflict.

The shirt design was chosen after members voted from a selection of 16 kits, and the designer, writing on the Clapton CFC website, said: “I really wanted to make something that marked the importance of the sacrifice of those who fought against fascism.”

The club said they only expected to sell about 250 shirts this season. The kit is manufactured by the Italian firm Rage Sports, chosen specifically by the club because it is a small, ethical manufacturer that sources its materials from companies that agree to pay workers fairly. Rage Sports produces kits for grassroots football clubs that are specifically involved in fighting racism, fascism and inequality.
by:MartinBelam  from:TheGuardian  antifascism  football  pêl-droed  geo:London 
august 2018 by owenblacker
The alt-right is in decline. Has antifascist activism worked?
> Antifascist groups have been the target of criticism from across the political spectrum during the first year of the Trump presidency. The right has made them the basis both of moral panics about violence, and conspiracy theories of subversion. And other leftists have questioned the wisdom of antifascist tactics and strategy.
> The morality of political violence is a weighty, and always important topic, which we need to constantly scrutinize and revisit. That said, most of the antifascist tactics described above are nonviolent. And a lot of antifascist violence has been defensive, notably in Charlottesville.
> As to tactics, the proof is in the pudding. All of the measures described have led not only to failed events and dwindling cadres, but to infighting and blame games in an increasingly fractious far-right movement. Seriously divided, the alt-right looks like it is crumbling.
activism  politics  fascism  antifascism  violence  usa  altRight 
march 2018 by jamesmnw
'We Scared The Nazis Off The Streets': Quotes Kit On In 2017
Antifascism  from twitter
january 2018 by kitoconnell
Anti-Fascist and Gender-Nonconforming: Our Hero, Claude Cahun
The reason I find myself thinking about Claude Cahun today, however, is not their photography, but rather, their resistance to Nazi forces during World War II. … When German forces conquered France and began using the island as a training ground for new recruits, Cahun and Moore waged a secret, two-person campaign of disinformation and morale-destruction, using a weapon the Nazis never expected: Surrealism.
by:HughRyan  from:them  ClaudeCahun  MarcelMoore  antifascism  geo:Jersey  WW2  QueerHistory 
november 2017 by owenblacker
Concrete clickbait: next time you share a spomenik photo, think about what it means — The Calvert Journal
For Tihana Pupovac, a major problem is also the depoliticised framing of the monuments. Left without any indication of what they commemorate, or even of who designed them, the results are “deliberately oblivious” to the anti-fascist struggle that they commemorate, or to why the artists and communities thought they were appropriate – which, once, they evidently did.
antifascism  monument  modernism  sculpture  history  yugoslavia 
october 2017 by adegru

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