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Jeff Bezos v the world: why all companies fear 'death by Amazon' | Technology | The Guardian
Of the top 10 US industries by GDP (information, manufacturing non-durable goods, retail trade, wholesale trade, manufacturing durable goods, healthcare, finance and insurance, state and local government, professional and business services, and real estate), Amazon has a finger in all but real estate...“Only looking at a consumer side of a business power is totally ludicrous. It slices the human in half, not looking at them as a worker, producer or supplier.”
amazon  retail  labor  antitrust 
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Reining in Big Data’s Robber Barons | by Jennifer Cobbe | NYR Daily | The New York Review of Books
'When Mark Zuckerberg talks about connecting people, as he often does, he leaves two words unsaid: “to Facebook.”'

'...we can demand greater accountability from the Internet oligopoly and better legal protections for our privacy and our data. This is a moment of decision: Will it be our Internet, or theirs?'
technology  law  regulation  antitrust 
12 days ago by choge
EU antitrust chief turns to academics to help tackle tech challenges
The academics are Heike Schweitzer, the managing director of the Institute for German and European Economic Law, Competition Law and Regulatory Law; Jacques Cremer, a former scientific director at the Toulouse School of Economics; and Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye, a lecturer at Imperial College London’s Data Science Institute and Department of Computing.
antitrust  data  europe 
27 days ago by becky_hogge
Justice Department: AT&T’s merger is a ‘frontal attack’ on the law - The Washington Post
The government's court battle to block the AT&T deal is the first of its kind since the Nixon administration.

Antitrust economist Carl Shapiro, an expert for the Justice Department, has estimated that Americans' cable bills could go up as much as $436 million a year, or about 45 cents per month per subscriber.
4 weeks ago by brycecovert
William Davies · Why the Outrage?: Cambridge Analytica · LRB 5 April 2018
It’s sometimes said that data is the ‘oil’ of the digital economy, the resource that fuels everything else. A more helpful analogy is between oil and privacy, a concealed natural resource that is progressively plundered for private profit, with increasingly harmful consequences for society at large. If this analogy is correct, privacy and data protection laws won’t be enough to fight the tech giants with. Destroying privacy in ever more adventurous ways is what Facebook does.

Just as environmen...
facebook  cambridgeanalytica  data  privacy  antitrust 
4 weeks ago by max_read
A New Study of Labor Market Concentration - Roosevelt Institute
Labor economists have traditionally focused on worker-side characteristics, such as education, as the crucial causal variable for explaining outcomes like…
Labor_markets  antitrust  monopsony  unemployment  skills  human_capital  wages  Evernote  from instapaper
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