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When Complex Trauma Is Misdiagnosed as Anxiety | The Mighty
There's a difference between generalized anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress anxiety. Agreed.
psychology  anxiety  depression  trauma  ptsd 
3 days ago by emmacarlson
The Power to Be Vulnerable (Part 2 of 3) — Self-Validation
It stands to reason that once we've become self-validating our behavior will no longer be governed by the impulse to protect ourselves from criticism.
anxiety  depression  self-care  psychology 
3 days ago by ahall
Anxiety Experts Reveal What They Really Want Everyone to Know About Anxiety
Bilek likened anxiety and fear responses to house alarm systems. They help us respond appropriately when there’s a true danger or risk, she said. Some people, however, have an especially sensitive system. “It goes off when there is a true threat like an intruder, but also when there is a strong wind.”
7 days ago by ahall
Most Powerful Dua to help remove Stress, Worry, Anxiety, Grief, Sorrow and Depression
If you are looking for powerful dua to help remove stress, worry, anxiety, grief, sorrow, and depression then this video is for you. There are many Islamic dua but this is the most authentic dua. In this video, you will find Dua for Stress, Dua for Worry, Dua for Anxiety, Dua for Depression, Dua for Distress, Dua for Sadness and Dua for Worries.
powerful  dua  remove  stress  anxiety  grief  sorrow  depression  help 
7 days ago by aniskhan
Until I Can Say It Myself - westernredcedar
What is a deeply closeted Jack Zimmermann to do when faced with an adorable ice dancer who just wants to get to know him? He has no clue of course, but at the Olympics, surrounded by friends and foes, who knows what might happen. [20,825 words]
checkplease!  jack/bitty  westernredcedar  au:firstmeeting  olympics  sport:figureskating  closeted  homophobia  anxiety  crush  comingout 
9 days ago by cunningplan

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