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Attachment Style Influences Adult Conflict Resolution
Baptist, J. A., Thompson, D. E., Norton, A. M., Hardy, N. R., Link, C. D. (2012). The effects of the intergenerational transmission of family emotional processes on conflict styles: The moderating role of attachment. American Journal of Family Therapy 40.1, 56-73.
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2 days ago by phillmv
+ mental problems impact millions, daily. Especially in the community. Don’t let your
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3 days ago by Holmete
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6 days ago by ingekuijper
What it’s like to have high-functioning anxiety
If you’re anxious about anxiety, read this.
11 days ago by mwa4
thewindupbird: Maelstrom (Buzzfeed Unsolved, Shane/Ryan, sequel to the I love your bones series)
Here's the thing about driving halfway across the country to see someone. You can't really deny, after that, that you're pretty much head over heels for them.
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11 days ago by elise.grey

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