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What does a three-day dietary cleanse do to your gut microbiome?
"Relative to everyone else, each person tends to have a unique and relatively stable combination of microbes. The microbial community may change from day to day or in response to the intervention, but those changes are small enough that the community is still recognizable as belonging to a certain person distinct from others.

To see gut microbiome changes that happen during and after dietary changes, the researchers looked at each individual separately, allowing them to see fine-scale changes that are harder to detect when looking at everyone together. What they found was that individuals fell into different groups. Some had stable microbiomes that showed a clear perturbation by the intervention followed by a rebound to their original state. Others had more variability pre-intervention but still showed obvious changes with the diet. Still others had so much variability that it was difficult to detect any effect of the diet intervention. How a person’s gut responds to dietary changes may have just as much to do with the individual and their starting gut microbiome as the dietary intervention itself.

Among the different dietary interventions, cleanses and fasts seemed to elicit a more pronounced change than the cheese and yogurt diet."

[MY NOTE: Fascinating, well-explained study of what fasting and/or sudden diet change does to your gut bugs.]
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2 days ago by jaypcross
CBD Oil for ADHD – Nature’s Most Miraculous Plant Medicine
Good write-up about CBD offering ADHD and anxiety relief. The blogger is a 20-something named Stefan Taylor. Reach out. He's built a terrific site (including an email list) and we can definitely work together.

His email:
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3 days ago by jaypcross
How to avoid startup stress & founder burnout – The Startup – Medium
You don’t need me to tell you that running your startup is hard. You think about it 24x7x365. When you’re playing with your kids, it’s on your mind. When you’re at dinner with your partner, you’re…
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4 days ago by sampl
Show your support | Educationforward
"Education has to change – to move forward – so that our schools and students can face the unprecedented challenges of the future, with confidence, capability and compassion.

We believe:

1. That schools should be judged on a much broader set of outcomes (e.g. students’ resourcefulness; their ability to engage with political, economic and ecological issues; their confidence with digital technologies; their enjoyment of reading) than they currently face;

2. That the voices of parents, families, and students should be central to process of education policy formulation;

3. That students who neither want, nor need, to go to university should not be made to feel inadequate or failures by an overly narrow and overly academic curriculum;

4. That high-stakes testing has gone too far, has caused too much stress and anxiety to teachers and students, and is a wholly inadequate means of assessing a student’s full range of talents;

5. That the way teachers teach should foster more than the ability to recall snippets of knowledge – the future will ask students not simply what they know, but what they can do with what they know, how they critically evaluate data, and what to do when they don’t know what to do ;

6. That the knowledge that will matter to students in the mid-21st century will be very different to the knowledge that is currently considered core – re-thinking a curriculum fit for the future is an urgent, widespread concern;

7. That providing evidence of learning has attempted to become ‘teacher-proof’, whilst teaching to the test has become endemic. We have to trust teacher judgements more and invest in their professional development;

8. That too many people cast the debate around education in binary terms, despite the growing numbers of schools whose students get good grades and develop confidence, capability and self-direction in their learning.We need to learn from these schools so that their practices can spread like wildfire;

9. That politicians should focus their energies less on cherry-picking evidence to support their entrenched views, and more on the fundamental purpose of education. We need to improve, and deepen, the quality of public debate around schooling;

10. That we live in times of turbulence and anxiety, where truth is a casualty of intolerance. Education has to help people strengthen their dispositions to tolerate uncertainty, to think carefully about complex issues, to understand the position of others and, where necessary, to disagree gracefully. This matters – not just for our communities and our children’s well-being, but for the future of our world."
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4 days ago by robertogreco
Happiness Is Other People - The New York Times
"And according to research, if we want to be happy, we should really be aiming to spend less time alone. Despite claiming to crave solitude when asked in the abstract, when sampled in the moment, people across the board consistently report themselves as happier when they are around other people than when they are on their own. Surprisingly this effect is not just true for people who consider themselves extroverts but equally strong for introverts as well."
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4 days ago by robertogreco

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