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Consumed by anxiety? Give it a day or two | Life and style | The Guardian
The problems you’re experiencing today seem fraught and important, but that’s mainly because you’re so narrowly focused on the present 10.00 EDT Last modified on Sunday 17 September 2017 00.
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17 hours ago by bruno
SSC Journal Club: Mental Disorders As Networks | Slate Star Codex
Why are we calling sleep disturbance a “symptom” of depression, but anxiety a “comorbid condition” with depression? If we’re trying to cluster symptoms together to identify conditions, how come “sleep” is grouped with a bunch of other symptoms in the depression cluster, but “anxiety” gets to be a cluster of its own? Are there really two conditions called “depression” and “anxiety”, or just one big condition that has various symptoms including low mood, sleep disturbance, and anxiety, and some people get some of the symptoms and other people get others? I’m told that the people who write the DSM have long conversations about this using rigorous methods, but to the rest of us it seems kind of arbitrary.
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2 days ago by mournjargon
My Baby Does the Hanky Panky: Sex Is Bigger Than You (and Me and Everyone We Know) | Mockingbird
However, anyone who has experienced the power of sex in general and internet pornography in particular to reroute our priorities is unlikely to be so sanguine about liberty. Pornography, like alcohol and drugs, weakens our ability to endure the kinds of suffering that are necessary for us to direct our lives properly. In particular, it reduces our capacity to tolerate those two ambiguous goods, anxiety and boredom. Our anxious moods are genuine but confused signals that something is amiss, and so they need to be listened to and patiently interpreted – which is unlikely to happen when we have to hand one of the most powerful tools of distraction ever invented. The entire internet is in a sense pornographic, it is a deliverer of constant excitement which we have no innate capacity to resist, a system which leads us down paths many of which have nothing to do with our real needs. Furthermore, pornography weakens our tolerance for the kind of boredom which is vital to give our minds the space in which good ideas can emerge, the sort of creative boredom we experience in a bath or on a long train journey.
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5 days ago by dwalbert
The One Thing Employers Hate During Job Interviews, and How to Fix It
"We know the most critical juncture of an interview happens before the interview itself even starts — with researchers recently finding pre-interview chit-chat is absolutely integral to a successful conversation with an employer. If you consider that a part of the job interview and get in the right frame of mind before even walking in the door, you’ll be primed for success.

"If there’s one thing that will torpedo the entire interview, it’s this: appearing as a nervous, anxiety-riddled wreck. If you’re worried about being worried and anxious, then you become worried and anxious. It’s vicious and, naturally, a key aspect employers are looking for when they first meet you.

"But there might be some good news. A study published in the Journal of Business Psychology all but confirms that interviewers are turned off by anxious candidates, but also that they typically don’t pick up on the physical, outward signs of those feelings."
Author: Sue Becker, Cheat Sheet, Sept. 12, 2017
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7 days ago by katherinestevens

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