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Postman | Supercharge your API workflow
3+ million developers use Postman to share, test, document & monitor APIs.
rest  api  postman  development  testing  http 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
Statistics Finland PX-WEB API documentation.
analytics  finland  statistics  api 
yesterday by mjlassila
Algorithmia - Open Marketplace for Algorithms
Algorithmia gives developers the ability to turn algorithms into scalable web services with a single click. Application developers can then integrate the algorithm into their own applications with under 10 lines of code. Algorithmia hosts the web services , makes them discoverable and enables algorithm developers to get paid for usage
algorithms  api  code  service  algorithm  google  web  services 
yesterday by gdw
Wordpress Delicious XML Importer
Lets you import your Delicious bookmarks into WordPress as links or posts.
development  api  delicious  bookmarks  import  xml  aaronpk  wordpress  export  pinboard  php 
yesterday by moalex

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