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DevDocs API Documentation
DevDocs combines multiple API documentations in a fast, organized, and searchable interface. Here's what you should know before you start:
api  programming  reference  documentation 
11 hours ago by simonk
Autocode | Standard Library
" Autocode generates code for you by providing autocompletion for your favorite APIs. Information is retrieved automatically from the Standard Library API registry, which we're building in partnership with companies including Stripe, Slack, Airtable, Shopify, New Relic, Microsoft and more."
node  api  tool  automation 
13 hours ago by techpeace
InputEvent - Web APIs | MDN
The InputEvent interface represents an event notifying of editable content change.
gecko  dom  event  api  reference  mdc  devmo 
20 hours ago by aeng
Creating and triggering events - Developer guides | MDN
This article demonstrates how to create and dispatch DOM events. Such events are commonly called synthetic events, as opposed to the events fired by the browser itself.
gecko  dom  event  api  reference  mdc  devmo 
20 hours ago by aeng
Uploadcare | The edge cloud platform beyond the best of the web | Uploadcare
Uploadcare is an end-to-end cloud platform providing the full-stack Adaptive Delivery technology to build faster, safer, and infinitely scalable sites and serve unmatched customer experience.
api  upload  development 
22 hours ago by panoptican
Self-hosted website analytics | Ackee
Self-hosted, Node.js based analytics tool for those who care about privacy.
analytics  privacy  nodejs  opensource  api  selfhosted 
yesterday by e2b intro
Hoodie is a free and Open Source Software for building applications for the web and iOS. It is a complete backend for your apps, ready for you to get creative. It works immediately out-of-the-box: develop your frontend code, plug it into Hoodie’s frontend-friendly API and your app is ready.
api  javascript  offline  pouchdb 
yesterday by anotherjesse
Prisma replaces traditional ORMs
Prisma replaces traditional ORMs and simplifies database workflows:
Access: Type-safe database access with the auto-generated Prisma client (in JavaScript, TypeScript, Go)
Migrate: Declarative data modelling and migrations (optional)
Manage: Visual data management with Prisma Admin
It is used to build GraphQL, REST, gRPC APIs and a lot more. Prisma currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB.
graphql  web-development  api  database  rest 
yesterday by samiru
Features | Spotify for Developers
Discover Spotify’s Features

With Spotify APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android — learn how you can develop unique experiences for over 180 million global music fans in as little as a few lines of code.
development  inspiration  ux  api  portal  design 
yesterday by Shoord
NBG | Developers Portal
Connect on a global scale

Powerful Technology that goes far beyond banking.
api  development  portal  documentation  inspiration 
yesterday by Shoord

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