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I want to apologise to
from crofethr

- Britney for making fun of her when she had her breakdown

- Monica Lewinski for judging her when she was a 22year old temp sexually assaulted by the most powerful man in the world

- Ke$ha for ever thinking she was trashy when all she wanted to do was make party music

- Kristen Stewart for ever thinking she was dumb when she’s actually one of the coolest people ever

- Megan Fox for ever thinking she was just a slut when actually she was an actress being harassed by her employer.

- Hating all the women who made a career out of having a hot body. Being is shape is hard, beauty is a weapon and auto promotion is hard work.

- All the Mary-Sues, who exist because young girls everywhere want to be part of a story they love so much

- All the female characters I ever snobbed because they got in the way of my ship.

- Hating the color pink during my teenage years, when it’s actually a lovely color and what I resented was society’s pressure to perform femininity.
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9 weeks ago by sky
Elizabeth Warren apologizes for calling herself Native American - The Washington Post
Warren, asked in a brief interview Tuesday if she’d intended the apology to include labeling herself as Native American when at the University of Pennsylvania and at Harvard University, replied “yes.” She gave the same response when asked if it included labeling herself as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory.

“I told him I was sorry for furthering confusion about tribal citizenship,” Warren said. “I am also sorry for not being more mindful about this decades ago. We had a good conversation.” CNN reported her broader apology on Monday.

The apology has met with mixed reactions. Several tribal members applauded her. “This closes the matter,” tweeted Keith Harper, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Human Rights Council. “Onward.”

But not all were pleased.

“I want to see it in writing,” said David Cornsilk, a historian and genealogist who is also a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. “I want her to go on national TV. I want her to do a video like she did to announce her DNA results. It just seemed very lacking.”
Elizabeth_Warren  Native_American  claim  apology 
10 weeks ago by Quercki
Customer Complaints: Why Angry Customers Are Good for Business
Solid advice for improving your firm's responses to #customer #complaints by listening, apologizing [mean it], empowering employees; customer feedback is research and post gives some tools to improve. I wouldn't use these; they need to be more personal/indiv. #CX
customer  experience  complaint  howto  response  learning  service  csr19  listening  apology 
11 weeks ago by csrollyson
Anita Hill rejected Joe Biden's fauxpology / Boing Boing
Now that he's running for president, accused groper Joe Biden thought it would boost his image by finally calling Anita Hill on the phone -- 28 years after he let her twist in the wind during the confirmation hearings for Clarence Thomas -- and convey “his regret for what she endured” (as a spokesperson for Biden described the call). Hill told The New York Times that she doesn't consider his call to be an apology and that he has never taken responsibility for his role in making sure Hill wasn't taken seriously when she testified and for not allowing other corroborating witnessed to testify.
joe_Biden  Anita_Hill  apology 
april 2019 by Quercki
Joe Biden Expresses Regret to Anita Hill, but She Says ‘I’m Sorry’ Is Not Enough - The New York Times
In a lengthy telephone interview on Wednesday, she declined to characterize Mr. Biden’s words to her as an apology and said she was not convinced that he has taken full responsibility for his conduct at the hearings — or for the harm he caused other victims of sexual harassment and gender violence.

[Read excerpts from Anita Hill’s interview with The Times.]

She said she views Mr. Biden as having “set the stage” for last year’s confirmation of Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, who, like Justice Thomas, was elevated to the court despite accusations against him that he had acted inappropriately toward women. And, she added, she was troubled by the recent accounts of women who say Mr. Biden touched them in ways that made them feel uncomfortable.
Joe_Biden  Anita_Hill  non  apology 
april 2019 by Quercki
Felicity Huffman shows how to apologize properly
The actress Felicity Huffman just pleaded guilty to bribing college authorities to get her daughter into college Oliva Jade into USC. Then she apologized briefly and effectively. A true apology admits guilt and addresses the harm the apologizer caused to specific people. It isn’t “I’m sorry you were hurt,” it is “I’m sorry I hurt … Continued
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april 2019 by LaptopHeaven
Joe Biden jokes about physical contact in first speech since allegations he made women uncomfortable - CNNPolitics
After his speech at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Construction Conference in Washington, DC, Biden also said that while he was sorry he didn't understand more about the how his behavior made women feel, he made clear he was not apologizing for any of his intentions, telling reporters, "I am not sorry for anything that I have ever done -- I've never been disrespectful, intentionally, to a man or a woman."
Biden's comments were the most direct response so far to allegations he made women feel uncomfortable with the way he touched them.
Biden  not  apology  sexism 
april 2019 by Quercki
Gaslighting: is an apology necessary to heal after you’ve been abused? | World news | The Guardian
When the Catholic church formally apologized to the Jews for failing to take more decisive action during the Holocaust, what good did it do? My father said: “It’s better than nothing” and I replied: “Really? How so?” Did it change anything for the victims? It was an act of repentance (53 years after the war) and they condemned and repudiated a genocide. It’s now on the record, in a document that acknowledges Christians have been guilty of antisemitism over the past two millennia. OK. It’s fine. But was anyone NEEDING this apology in order to move on?

I understand the desire for an apology. It’s about being seen and being heard. But needing the apology to move on, or lift a burden, is counting on an outside source for emancipation. There are other ways of accessing power for oneself.

To free myself was to be in control of my narrative. To know what you know and feel what you feel does not require outside validation. Relinquishing that need is restorative in its own right.
apology  crime  mentalhealth  abuse  guardian 
march 2019 by cmananian
#1152: “How to accept an apology when the apology isn’t complete and you still hurt?” | Captain Awkward
I once said, “I appreciate the apology, but I want to be sure you truly understand all the ways in which I found this hurtful. I’m not sure you realize exactly what they are.”

The tone wasn’t, “I want to have my chance to complain,” but it was more about “explaining the effect this had, so you’re aware.” More informative.

And then I have said, “I’m not ready to hear an apology right now. Later I probably will be, but I can’t hear it at the moment.”


My husband and I had to navigate this territory after we got married and it was hard. “Thank you” is the response I go to when he apologizes for something that’s hurt me but I’m still upset about (and that he uses as well). It took us a long time to get to that point. He’s from a family who doesn’t apologize ever (everything is swept under the rug and ignored) and I come from a family who expects that an apology will immediately fix the problem (which means you can no longer discuss it after the apology has been given), and we had to find a happy medium between the two.

For us, “thank you” is an acknowledgement of the apology while still leaving room for the wronged person to be hurt or upset about it, because we understand that those feelings don’t just go away magically.
captainawkward  apology 
march 2019 by cmananian

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