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Mail to Things makes it easier to capture tasks, enables new Workflow and IFTTT actions
Things by Cultured Code is already a beautiful and powerful task manager, and the latest update adds a handy new feature that makes it even more capable when it comes to capturing your tasks. Mail to Things is a new feature that lets you easily and securely create new tasks using email.
things  app 
3 days ago by sevdrake
10 best Windows 10 ePub readers for book lovers (that don't suck)
Reading eBooks on your Windows PC or laptop is sometimes annoying, that's why we found the best ePub reader software to use, both free and paid.
windows  epub  app 
3 days ago by joba
Kap - Capture your screen
An open-source screen recorder built with web technology

The ease of use and speed you've been looking for - the functionality and extensibility you didn't know you needed
video  mac  screencapture  capture  application  app  opensource  osx  screen  screencast 
3 days ago by scotu
The Colorbook || A timeline of the trendiest color palettes from Dribbble. || || Web App, Design Tools, Productivity, Open Source
ProductHunt  Web  App  Design  Tools  Productivity  Open  Source 
3 days ago by 1luke2
Hacker News readers as Progressive Web Apps
A spiritual successor to TodoMVC

TodoMVC has helped thousands of developers select an MV* framework for their JavaScript applications. However, the web ecosystem has evolved in the past few years allowing us to build powerful applications using modern browser capabilities.

To provide developers with examples, we collected a list of unofficial Hacker News clients built with a number of popular JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Each implementation is a complete Progressive Web App that utilizes different progressive technologies to provide a fast, reliable and engaging experience.

Our implementations aim to follow a loose specification. They are primarily a learning tool and should not be used to compare the performance of one PWA to another. They can differ based on server infrastructure, performance patterns used and other factors.
news  JavaScript  app  webdevelopment  progressive  webapp 
3 days ago by javajunky
LibreRead - A self-hosted ebook reader
LibreRead is a Google books alternative, GPLv3 licenced, self-hosted, browser-based ebook reader.
book  ebook  opensource  software  app  IFTTT  reader  (popular  apps  bookmarks) 
3 days ago by speckz
Insomnia REST Client
A powerful REST API Client with cookie management, environment variables, code generation, and authentication for Mac, Window, and Linux
macOS  Windows  App  API  开发 
3 days ago by Ziya

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