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Grovemade: Wooden iPhone Cases, Desk & Mac Accessories
We’re a small team dedicated to designing and crafting exceptional accessories for the home, desk, EDC, and Apple products in Portland, OR.
apple  mac 
2 hours ago by cmorin
iFixit: Flimsy MacBook Pro Cables Can Cost $600 to Fix | News & Opinion |
Repair company iFixit claims the Touch Bar generation of MacBook Pros (2016 and later) suffer from a hardware defect involving the laptop's "thin-at-all-cost" design. The problem involves a group of cables that connect the Touch Bar to the laptop's display. The cables themselves are flexible and wrap around the MacBook's hinge. But unfortunately, they're also fragile and will break over time.

"But the bigger problem is that, in an apparent effort to make the display as thin as possible, Apple designed the cables as part of the display, so they cannot be replaced,"
mac  apple 
3 hours ago by jasonsamuels
Uso di Siri sull'Apple Watch - Supporto Apple
Scopri come usare Siri, l'assistente personale intelligente che ti aiuta in tutto. Siri può inviare messaggi, effettuare chiamate, ottenere indicazioni e altro ancora.
Siri  Apple  Apple-Watch  knowledge-base 
3 hours ago by kOoLiNuS
Musish - The open source Apple Music web player. Listen now.
apple  music 
8 hours ago by shenyc
Advanced Mac Substitute
"an API-level reimplementation of classic Mac OS. It runs 68K Mac applications in an emulator without an Apple ROM or system software."
emulation  emulator  apple  retrocomputing  mac 
12 hours ago by mechazoidal
What Happened to CurrentC?: When Platform Innovation Fails
MCX’s large network of retailers gave CurrentC a distinct advantage. Or it least it should have. Within two years of Apple Pay’s launch, CurrentC failed. MCX shut it down in June 2016. Nine months later it was sold off to JPMorgan Chase, which would use parts of the technology in its own Chase Pay app. But the dream of challenging the major payment networks was dead.

What happened?
business  analysis  apple  money  applepay 
16 hours ago by rmohns
Virtual Apple ][ -- Version 4.5
Vintage Apple2 games and educational programs, documentation, images, disk images, manuals, and online emulators
games  apple 
17 hours ago by djsalinger

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