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How to activate Apple ID 2fa when you have two accounts.
Jonathan T explains how to activate Apple ID 2fa when you have two accounts.
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february 2019 by dasdom
How to have multiple iTunes Connect accounts, and submit apps
That’s not the case for iTunes Connect, there is no drop down there. So if your client needs you to take care of the submission process for them, you’ll need a bit of extra work:

Create a new Apple ID to be part of the client’s iTunes Connect
Export the app .ipa
Submit it to iTunes Connect using Application Loader
itunes_connect  apple_id 
january 2016 by rufous
itunesconnect - iTunes connect will not let me add myself as a user - Stack Overflow
The problem: in iTunesConnect, not so nice. In iTunesConnect, the "admin" person cannot assign existing Apple IDs as members with a role. Very strange. The admin is forced to create a new ID for each person being adding to the team. That means the person joining must have multiple email address. If an admin tries to add you to their iTunesConnect with an email address already used on some other company's iTunesAccount, an error message reports that email address / Apple ID is already in use. Obviously the programming team running the iTunesConnect site could use some help from the Developer site's team. ☹

Workaround: Email Address Trick
The workaround cited by sarnold involves a feature of email addresses. The spec for email servers has a feature where you can extend your email address. You can add a suffix to the first part of your email name by appending a "+" PLUS SIGN. From what I could figure out, the email software first looks for the extended name. If no such name is found, it drops the extension and looks again. If found, the shorter version of the email address is actually used.

So if the programmer Susan wants to use her email address for a second or third iTunesAccount, she tells her client's admin person at Acme Corporation to use something like this as her email address: Apple will still create a needless extra Apple ID for Susan, but at least Susan does not have to bother with creating and accessing extra email accounts. The emails sent by Apple will arrive at her address.
stackoverflow  itunes_connect  apple_id 
january 2016 by rufous
Release iOS apps for your clients - Blog — Lodgem can have a single email (Apple ID) and let you join multiple organizations using that account. Upon login, the portal presents a dropdown with all your organizations. Your client can simply invite you under your Developer Apple ID as an admin (so you can create new certificates, provisioning profiles, etc.) on the other hand does not let you join multiple organizations using the same email. Your client must invite you on a different email than the one that is already connected to an iTunes Connect account (pretty stupid I know).

Since Apple ask developers to create a distinct Apple Developer account for each client, we found two possible workflows to collaborate efficiently :
itunes_connect  apple_id 
january 2016 by rufous
This email address is not available for use as ... | Apple Support Communities
The issue was that I wanted to create an account with an address that was already listed as a secondary address for an another, older, Apple ID account.
This situation blocks the Apple ID creation process (and because the email is not a primary address for any Apple ID yet, there is no birthdate associated with it and the recovery emails go nowhere)
To solve the problem I went to, clicked "manage your ID" and logged in with my old account credentials.
I then deleted the email address that I wanted to use to create an ID from the list of "alternate emails" associated with the old account and victory! After that the Apple ID creation process went fine.
january 2016 by rufous
ios - Anonymously Log In to an App with iCloud Apple ID - Stack Overflow
From what they discussed at WWDC, you'd do this using the fetchUserRecordIDWithCompletionHandler: method on CKContainer. That returns a CKRecordID that corresponds to the current user. This ID will be stable across devices but different for each app-- so if the same person uses your app on multiple devices, your app will get the same result everywhere, but other apps would get different results from yours.

Once you have the CKRecordID you can look up limited other user data (their name and email, I think) using fetchRecordWithID:completionHandler:. This request will trigger a permission alert to the user, so you only get it if they allow it.

This doesn't require you to use anything else in CloudKit. It does require that the user actually have an iCloud account configured on the device.
cloudkit  apple_id  stackoverflow 
july 2015 by rufous
Are apps that ask for your iCloud password a privacy threat?
Based on Sunrise’s response to Arment’s post, it appears that Apple may be contributing to this problem by not supporting OAuth or a similar scheme. OAuth takes the approval process out of the hands of the app and puts it in the hands of the service. The approval process is handled by the service on its own website, not within the app. For example, if an app wants to access your Twitter account, you are brought to Twitter where you can login and provide permission to the app. Apple doesn’t support OAuth so Sunrise claims it has to handle this authorization on its own servers.

Arment argues that this behavior is risky and Apple someday may pay the price.

Many readers have blamed Apple for this, mostly because the lack of official iCloud APIs and support for OAuth (or a similar scheme). I agree. But the ideal “Apple way” isn’t to do something really horribly until they have time and motivation to “do it right” — it’s not to do it at all.

It’s better not to permit apps to access customers’ iCloud account at all (beyond the official, secure APIs) than to allow any app to collect them insecurely and do whatever they want with them.
icloud  apple_id 
june 2015 by rufous

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