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Dollar sales of smartwatches in the US are up 51%, totalling nearly $5bn • NPD
<p>While Apple is the clear market leader, the new Smartwatch Total Market Report reveals that the top three brands (Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit) made up 88% of smartwatch unit sales during the timeframe. However, traditional watch manufacturers, like Fossil, and fitness-focused brands, like Garmin, are working to grow their share of the market, as they continue to expand into the smartwatch category.

“Over the last 18 months smartwatch sales gained strong momentum, proving the naysayers, who didn’t think the category could achieve mainstream acceptance, had potentially judged too soon,” said Weston Henderek, director, industry analyst for NPD Connected Intelligence. “The ability to be truly connected via built-in LTE without the need to have a smartphone nearby proved to be a tipping point for consumers, as they now recognize the value in being able to complete a wide range of tasks on the device including receiving notifications, messaging, accessing smart home controls, and more.”

Sixteen percent of US adults now own a smartwatch, which is up from 12% in December of 2017, based on NPD’s Consumers and Wearables Report. The younger 18-34 age demographic is currently carrying the overall growth in the smartwatch market with 23% penetration.</p>

Android/Wear OS has, at best, 12% on that basis (Samsung has its own GearOS). The modular approach just doesn't work for smartwatches at this stage of the platform - if it ever will.
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6 days ago by charlesarthur
Added UI to companion app · JosephShenton/Watchie@fca0a1f
SpriteKit-based faux analog watch face example for watchOS - JosephShenton/Watchie
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13 days ago by phatblat
steventroughtonsmith/SpriteKitWatchFace: SpriteKit-based faux analog watch face example for watchOS
SpriteKit-based faux analog watch face example for watchOS - steventroughtonsmith/SpriteKitWatchFace
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13 days ago by phatblat
Apple Watch ‘fall detection’ feature credited with saving man’s life • BGR
Yoni Heisler:
<p>According to <a href="">a report from NRK</a>, a 67-year old from Norway named Toralv Østvang credits his Apple Watch Series 4 with saving his life. The story is that Østvang experienced a serious fall in his bathroom whereupon his Apple Watch automatically contacted rescue personnel. Recall, the Apple Watch, upon detecting a fall, will send a message to local emergency services — along with information regarding your location —  if it detects that a user has been immobile for a full minute following a fall.

About a half hour after the fall, rescue workers arrived on the scene and found Østvang lying on his bathroom floor, unconscious and bloody. In the midst of the fall, Østvang also sustained three fractures to his face.

The fall detection feature on the Apple Watch is obviously geared towards older folks and, as a result, is off by default unless a user is 65 or older.</p>

All else it needs is to contact the news agencies and you've got the perfect self-marketing device. As with the stories about the Watch identifying unusual heart activity and ECG patterns, this is technology that you're only indifferent to if you're indifferent to living - which makes the sale just that bit easier.
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13 days ago by charlesarthur
One that required a bit of focus, but not too much. Bring on next month’s challenge.
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25 days ago by adders
Apple talking to private Medicare plans about subsidizing Apple Watch • CNBC
Christina Farr:
<p>Apple has been in talks with at least three private Medicare plans about subsidizing the Apple Watch for people over 65 to use as a health tracker, according to people familiar with the discussions.

The insurers are exploring ways to subsidize the cost of the device for those who can’t afford the $279 price tag, which is the starting cost of an older model. The latest version of the device, which includes the most extensive health features including fall detection and an electrocardiogram to measure the heart’s rhythm, retails for a minimum of $399, which many seniors could benefit from but can’t afford.

The talks have not resulted in any official deals just yet, the people said. Apple has paid a visit to several of the largest insurers in the market, as well as some smaller, venture-backed Medicare Advantage plans…

…Health experts say that seniors are an ideal market for the Apple Watch, which has introduced features that can be used by anyone, but are most beneficial to seniors, including fall detection and cardiac arrhythmia monitoring. It also makes sense as a business model for insurers, as seniors are a particularly lucrative market.</p>

Some VCs <a href="">suggested</a> to Business Insider that appealing to an older demographic would "tarnish [Apple's] cool, fashion-adjacent image". Somehow, I don't think so.
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4 weeks ago by charlesarthur

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