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Security Made Simple for Business. Centralized Data Protection for Networks, Endpoints, Encryption, Mobile, Web, Servers and the Public Cloud. Next Gen Security to Prevent Against Email Phishing Attacks, Ransomware, Exploits and Advanced Threats | sophos.
Centralize Your Network Security with Sophos. Next-Gen Endpoint Security with Advanced Threat Prevention, Always-On Encryption, UTM Firewall Appliances, Mobile Management, Web and Email Gateway Appliances, Wireless Access Points, Server Virtualization and Network Scanning for Ransomware. Simple to Use, Deploy and Manage Security for Business, MSP Channel Resellers and OEM Technology Partners Worldwide.
protection  security  Appliance  virus 
7 days ago by shoesiq
DEVONsphere Server — Data sheet - DEVONtechnologies
I need a document store search engine but this is probably not it.
Primarily because it's OSX-based.
Needs to be Linux or BSD - don't particularly care of it's java or whatever - just can't be on OSX because of Apple's inattention to Macos and indifference to server software.
search  server  appliance  devonsphere  devonthink  specs 
21 days ago by po
R350YS - Midsize 1200W Inverter and Sensor Microwave oven
This 1200W Midsized microwave is a perfect addition to any kitchen. It has the convenience of Inverter and Sensor Technology, which offers controlled power levels for even cooking and worry free reheating and cooking of popular menus for your own peace of mind.
Sharp  microwave  appliance  manual  PDF 
5 weeks ago by coffeebucket
Magnetic Refrigerator & Dishwasher Skins - Appliance Covers & Panels | Fridge Fronts On Sale Now! Instant Makeover! Fast & Easy to Apply!
Decorate Your Kitchen Fast with a Magnetic Appliance Skin Cover Today! Covers Refrigerators & Dishwashers for an Instant Makeover - Refreshing & Updating Kitchens Cheap - Choose From Colors, Black, Stainless Steel, Real Life Images, Art Images - Changing Appliances with Magnet Skins are Easier than Vinyl Film Wraps, Contact Wall Paper & Decal Stickers & Decals
kitchen  appliance  skin 
6 weeks ago by kpieper876

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