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How to port your iPad app to Mac using Catalyst
Catalyst presented this year opens new horizons for iOS developers. Let's dive in and migrate a real iOS app to the macOS!
mac  ios  application  porting  catalyst  howto 
2 hours ago by gilberto5757
haiodo/TenniarbApp: Documentation/Support for TenniarbApp project
Documentation/Support for TenniarbApp project. Contribute to haiodo/TenniarbApp development by creating an account on GitHub.
scrImp  tool  macOS  github  diagram  mindmap  application 
23 hours ago by davemee
Full Stack Open 2019
Open online course on Javascript based modern web development by University of Helsinki and Houston Inc..
Javascript  Programming  application  learning  dev  node.js  web 
yesterday by filmgirl
Debugging Java applications running on Docker
Debugging Java applications running on Docker | Getting access to Java application inside Docker
howto  docker  debugging  java  tutorial  application  container  programming  2019 
6 days ago by dchesters
How to become an API technical writer | ffeathers
Short and sweet: Solid advice for #technical #writers who want to pivot to #API #documentation + some useful links #kudos
API  application  programming  interface  howto  developer  SDK  learn  technical  writer  bullsi  csr19  reference 
7 days ago by csrollyson
App I use to sync multiple Google Calendars.
saas  application  calendar 
7 days ago by JoeCotellese
How to Move Google Authenticator to a New Phone (or Multiple Phones)
Two-factor authentication has become an essential security precaution for many people, but it can also be a source of anxiety. When you change or upgrade phones, Google Authenticator doesn’t migrate codes automatically—you need to do that manually.
move  google  authentication  app  application  2FA  device  change  switch  migrate  migration 
7 days ago by ebouchut
An advanced memory forensics framework. Contribute to volatilityfoundation/volatility development by creating an account on GitHub.
application  security  forensics  memory  software  tools  ir  repository  workflow  opensource  debug 
8 days ago by emory
Contribute to dps/remarkable-keywriter development by creating an account on GitHub.
remarkable  opensource  qt  qml  application  writing 
8 days ago by raphman
Best TV Production Software For Mac
There are some excellent contenders for the best TV production software for Mac that turn your Mac into a professional broadcasting studio. Years ago,
macos  video  application  greenscreen 
9 days ago by garyleatherman
Get file version in PowerShell - Stack Overflow
get  file  version  powershell  application  command 
10 days ago by jgear

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