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world feels like a lifelong prison, on earth, constant and human rights . One man,…
Arab  violence  violations  hell  from twitter
october 2018 by alvar
Duplicitous Khashoggi Picked the Wrong Prince
Fascinating, very plausible debunk of western media coverage of Khashoggi murder
saudiarabia  politics  journalist  binladen  murder  Q4  2018  exposé  interview  king  israel  arab  debunk 
october 2018 by csrollyson
It would be so great if they cast an person in . I think it could be a great way to tackle
Arab  StarWars  antiarab  from twitter_favs
september 2018 by lurrel
What Prevents the Displaced People’s Return to Al-Hasakah’s Southern Countryside? - Enab Baladi, Jan 27, 2018
None of the displaced people have returned; they stayed in the camps to which they were displaced, for according to Sayed, the two towns of “al-fdghmi,” east of the Khabour River, and “Kashkash Jubūr,” west the River, which occupy an area of six square kilometers, are emplaced with more than two thousand mines to the day.

The man points out: “Arabs are not allowed to protest about their situation, for any rising voice is suppressed by the Kurdish Self- Management,” considering that, “IS and the Kurdish forces have emptied the area of its people and are seeking to make the area more secure for the military bases deployed there, including the American base”.
Mar15  Hassakeh  IDPs  Arab  PYD  repression 
august 2018 by elizrael

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