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Getty Trust to Invest $100 Million in Saving Threatened Antiquities - The New York Times
The money will go toward preserving ancient artifacts that are in danger because of crises like war and climate change.
art  archaeology 
yesterday by noiseguy
Park Service Says Archaeological Sites Are Imperiled by Border Wall - The New York Times
The National Park Service has warned that President Trump’s border wall will significantly damage or destroy more than 20 archaeological sites in the Arizona desert.
yesterday by noiseguy
The Quest to Unlock an Ancient Library
Making the Herculaneum scrolls legible after 2000 years
old_literature  roman  archaeology  chemistry 
5 days ago by ArijeetGhude
Il sepolcro di Gesù miti e misteri
Tentiamo di svelare i misteri del santuario più sacro del Cristianesimo, nella chiesa del Santo Sepolcro di Gerusalemme. Grazie al supporto di massimi esperti e di avanzate tecnologie, entreremo all'interno della tomba.
Jerusalem  Religion  Archaeology  History  Italiano  National  Geographic 
5 days ago by dbourn
Ancient Handholding Skeletons Are Men but Italy Won’t Say Gay
In 2009, the straight world swooned when archaeologists discovered two ancient skeletons from between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D. holding hands in a grave in Modena, Italy. They were dubbed the “Lovers of Modena” and have become synonymous with heterosexual romance, their image now often used in Italy to symbolize undying love.
This week, scientists with the University of Bologna announced the “Lovers of Modena” were actually both biologically male, thanks to a revolutionary process they used to examine tooth enamel.
Then, suddenly, the hand-holders weren’t lovers at all: Italian archaeologists insisted that surely they were brothers or cousins who died in battle.
Italy  Queer  Modena  Archaeology 
5 days ago by dbourn

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