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4 days ago by dlutcat
Anne Griswold Tyng: 1920–2011
Architect. One-time muse of Louis Kahn. Big on geometry. See "Anne Tyng: Inhabiting Geometry."
architect  geometry  patterns 
27 days ago by fogfish
Walker Workshop is a Los Angeles based Architecture firm established in 2010 with the purpose of creating modern structures that are warmly minimal with careful considerations of light, space and the unique qualities of each project’s location. Our approach is also deeply rooted in craft and construction, with a rich awareness of the practical responsibility of making buildings. As a licensed General Contractor, we frequently build the homes that we design. This ethos of creative ownership for all phases of the work, from initial concept followed through to project completion, permeates our culture.
architecture  architect 
6 weeks ago by fiamh
THOM JAKAB -architect SLC
nice energy efficient home at 1158 E. 2nd Ave SLC
architect  SLC  firm 
7 weeks ago by Dexxx
Are You an Architect?
Article on software architect role

Notes: Attributes many process items to architect, which might be true in small team, but is likely more distributed on larger teams.
software  process  architect  role 
7 weeks ago by digikata

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