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TWO Hotel
Saarinen's classic airport terminal at JFK is being turned into a hotel
hotel  Saarinen  architecture  jfk  twaterminal  twa  tootme 
8 minutes ago by nelson
My Project - architecture & design
The aim of my project is to gather knowledge about the vision for public libraries in North America and Europe in light of the impact of new technology that challenges the need for physical books yet highlights the continued need for neutral community spaces. I will establish how this vision is being realised by architects and interior designers in the construction of new library buildings, extensions, and refurbishment projects, and critically evaluate the success of their designs by examining how buildings are actually being used in practice.

My research will involve speaking with members of the library community based in leading public libraries as well as university libraries that are setting the standards for others in terms of addressing the impact of new technology, changing learning and educational practices, and increasing community engagement. I seek to speak with library workers across departments about their vision for their library, how this vision is interpreted in the arrangement of their facilities, spaces, services, and programme of activities, and how architects and interior designers can more effectively support their visions. I seek to engage with patrons who are using the library building(s) to understand, from their perspective, what aspects of these buildings work and do not work in terms of comfort, function, and aesthetics.

My research will be disseminated amongst members of the library community with whom I have engaged, architects and interior designers, as well as other stakeholders – such as policy-makers, think-tanks, and researchers. The aim of my project is to connect individuals who share an interest in the role of design and architecture in the transformation of libraries. On completing my research, I will write a report on my findings which I will make available on my website, organize a workshop for stakeholders to meet and share ideas, and also present my research at relevant industry and academic conferences.

I will conduct this research independently of the organization for which I work – although I will be using my organization as a means of implementing and disseminating my findings. I will carry out my project in my own time – during a vacation (two weeks) and an unpaid sabbatical (four weeks). Similarly, I will be writing up my findings in my free time.
libraries  architecture 
2 hours ago by shannon_mattern
Can Your Application Keep a Secret? - Geri Jennings, CyberArk - YouTube
Machine Identity のパターン分かりやすいな。あと Keyless SSL みたいにシークレットを閉じて共通 API で取得させるパターンもありか。
security  architecture  presentation 
5 hours ago by summerwind

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