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Fans Are Better Than Tech at Organizing Information Online
Fans tag the content, but then -- volunteers consolidate and aggregate those tags:
On AO3, users can put in whatever tags they want. (Autocomplete is there to help, but they don't have to use it.) Then behind the scenes, human volunteers look up any new tags that no one else has used before and match them with any applicable existing tags, a process known as tag wrangling. Wrangling means that you don't need to know whether the most popular tag for your new fanfic featuring Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is Johnlock or Sherwatson or John/Sherlock or Sherlock/John or Holmes/Watson or anything else. And you definitely don't need to tag your fic with all of them just in case. Instead, you pick whichever one you like, the tag wranglers do their work behind the scenes, and readers looking for any of these synonyms will still be able to find you.
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4 days ago by jm
The Great 78 Project – Community Preservation, Research, Discovery of 78rpm Records
The Great 78 Project is a community project for the preservation, research and discovery of 78rpm records. From about 1898 to the 1950s, an estimated 3 million sides (~3 minute recordings) have been made on 78rpm discs. While the commercially viable recordings will have been restored or remastered onto LP’s or CD, there is still research value in the artifacts and usage evidence in the often rare 78rpm discs and recordings. Already, over 20 collections have been selected by the Internet Archive for physical and digital preservation and access. Started by many volunteer collectors, these new collections have been selected, digitized and preserved by the Internet Archive,  George Blood LP, and the Archive of Contemporary Music.
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7 days ago by didgebaba
Designing The Future
some observations about archiving digital objects
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25 days ago by nsfmc
ArchiveBox | 🗃 The open source self-hosted web archive. Takes browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more…
🗃 The open source self-hosted web archive. Takes browser history/bookmarks/Pocket/Pinboard/etc., saves HTML, JS, PDFs, media, and more…

I didn't realize how much I needed this until the wikipedia deletionists started gutting important but unpopular pages.
python  archiving  tools  backups  web  scrapers  archival  mirroring  bookmarks 
8 weeks ago by po
88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life
Everyone gets drilled with certain lessons in life. Sometimes it takes repeated demonstrations of a given law of life to really get it into your skull, and other times one powerful experience drives the point home forever. Here are 88 things I’ve discovered about life, the world, and its inhabitants by this point in my short time on earth.
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8 weeks ago by atran

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