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How WhatsApp Pushes Mobs to Murder in India via Instapaper
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36 minutes ago by TypingPixels
Sous-vide - Wikipedia
Jump to navigation Jump to search Sous-vide (/suːˈviːd/; French for "under vacuum")[1] is a method of cooking in which food is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and then placed in a water bath or steam environment for longer than normal cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to
44 minutes ago by plouf
DIY Vacuum Chamber for Sous Vide and the Kitchen: 8 Steps (with Pictures)
For the most part this setup works very well.  There are two areas that could use refinement and I'd love to get some ideas on how my design can be improved.  Please leave comments with your thoughts! I'm not against using a heat sealer if it's a supplemental method (i.e.
44 minutes ago by plouf
Thailand cave rescue: Boys recount moment they became trapped - CNN
Chiang Rai, Thailand (CNN)The 12 members of a youth soccer team and their coach who spent more than two weeks trapped underground in a flooded cave network in northern Thailand have been discharged from hospital.
48 minutes ago by kenyob
Wild video: Bear caught taking a dip in family's swimming pool
Los Angeles, Calif. — An unexpected guest took a swim in a family swimming pool in Los Angeles.
2 hours ago by kenyob
Data Visualization with Seaborn | DataCamp
Do you want to make beautiful, informative visualizations with ease? If so, then you must learn seaborn! Seaborn is a visualization library that is an essential part of the python data science toolkit.
2 hours ago by matus.tomlein
A Knife for Marking Dovetails by Derek Cohen
The ones below are by far the most comfortable to use, and the best design for marking dovetails. They handle like a pencil, and feel really comfortable to hold. Although slim-line, these are quite tough, but keep in mind that they are designed for marking lines and not for carving.
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2 hours ago by iRunningguy
Google Fined $5.1 Billion by E.U. in Android Antitrust Ruling - The New York Times
BRUSSELS — Google was hit with a $5.1 billion fine by European antitrust officials on Wednesday for abusing its power in the smartphone market, in the region’s latest move to rein in the clout of American tech companies. The penalty of 4.
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3 hours ago by odelano
Home Page
Welcome to the Woburn Public Media Center located on the second floor of the Woburn Memorial High School. Our office hours are Monday and Wednesday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Friday 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
3 hours ago by kenyob
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In India, false rumors about child kidnappers have gone viral on WhatsApp, prompting fearful mobs to kill two dozen innocent people since April. One of the first to be killed was a 65-year-old woman named Rukmani.
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3 hours ago by odelano
MACHINE SOUS-VIDE, CUVE INOX 420x370xh180 - Diamond
- Chambre à vide en acier inoxydable. - Barre de soudure amovible. - Pompe à vide capacité 16m3/h. - Pompe à l'huile. - Durée du cycle 20-40 secondes. - Modèle de table avec châssis en acier inoxydable. - Couvercle transparent bombé. - Dimensions de la chambre : 420x370xh135 mm.
4 hours ago by plouf
Add Pictures to Android Contacts - The New York Times
Tired of seeing your friends as initials in tinted circles? If they don’t have a profile photo already, you can add your own to their address-book entries. Q. How do I add an Android contact photo for someone who doesn’t already have one so I can see something besides initials in a circle?
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5 hours ago by odelano
Adobe After Effects Tutorial: Turn Random Letters Into Text - YouTube
In this tutorial, I will teach you how to animate text layers to produce random letters and then transition into a word.
7 hours ago by sudakshsoti
“His performance today will live in infamy as much as the Pearl Harbor attack or Kristallnacht.” - Fmr.
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8 hours ago by WFreeland

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