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STM32 tutorials - Embedded Lab
Quick learning of ARM processor programming and interfacing.
ARM  stm32  tutorial  c  firmware  microcontroller 
yesterday by vitaminCPP
New computing system to enable deep space missions – The Michigan Engineer News Center
HPSC Chiplet-powered systems will replace decades-old processor technology with a modern power-efficient Arm system-on-chip (SoC) design, and will provide orders of magnitude more computer processing power than is found in spacecraft of today. This will allow for enhanced capabilities such as onboard autonomy, astronaut assistance, and high bandwidth sensor data processing, and could provide a path forward for increasingly intelligent spacecraft.
spaceflight  computing  arm  soc  processing  highperformance  nasa  umich  boeing 
yesterday by danhon
RT : Rattled Arm Launches Anti-RISC-V Marketing Campaign.

riscv  FOSSi  OSHW  Arm  embedded  from twitter
8 days ago by 9600

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