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iMX233-OLinuXino-NANO - Open Source Hardware Board
Comment: "I like that board because it runs Linux, is proper Open Hardware, has an ADC and is breadboard compatible"
(ARM926J equiv)
arm  hardware  gear  pmz 
6 days ago by mechazoidal
Hacking an assault tank… A Nerf one | Pen Test Partners
Note the tips on checking for ARM or Thumb code, and for using STM32 boards for prototyping
security  hardware  reverse_engineering  arm  archive_it 
7 days ago by mechazoidal
New business unit: Ottobock Industrials — Ottobock
Paexo exoskeleton being trialed by VW. Looks like a passive upper torso/arm assist type
prosthetic  passive  active  industrial  upper  torso  arm  exoskeleton  VW  germany 
11 days ago by asteroza
Apple, Huawei Both Claim First 7-nm Smartphone Chips - IEEE Spectrum
Apple’s new A12 Bionic is made up of six CPU cores, four GPU cores, and an 8-core “neural engine” to handle machine learning tasks. According to Apple, the neural engine can perform 5 trillion operations per second—an eight-fold boost—and consumes one-tenth the energy of its previous incarnation. Of the CPU cores, two are designed for performance and are 15 percent faster than their predecessors. The other four are built for efficiency, with a 50 percent improvement on that metric. The system can decide which combination of the three types of cores will run a task most efficiently.
Apple  A12  ARM 
11 days ago by euler

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