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How Digital Comics Pioneer ComiXology Keeps Its Identity Within Amazon
Shortly after a startup called ComiXology unveiled its digital comics app, a board member received an email with an Excel file revealing all of the purchases made on the app.
21 hours ago by mud
Why HBO’s ‘Confederate’ Dramatizes Non-Black Privilege in Real Time
Is problematic HBO ‘Confederate’ headed for huge exploitation profit as #PoC suffering porn?
Activism  PoC  exploitation  suffering  porn  article  Ezinne_Ukoha 
21 hours ago by bdwc
Paula Cole: The Cole Truth - Rolling Stone
The unrepentant bohemian was part beat poet and part human beatbox

Paula Cole performs on Saturday Night Live, February 7th, 1998. Mary Ellen Matthews/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty
By Jancee Dunn
May 14, 1998
MOST PEOPLE DON'T KNOW what to make of Paula Cole. Some know that her album This Fire nabbed a whopping seven Grammy nominations. Others know she was a standout at last year's Lilith Fair. Her image seems to be a bit murky, however. The combo plate of luxuriant armpit hair and stylized, glossy videos tends to confuse. Is she that sexually swingin', crazy art chick you knew in college? A rage-filled, piano-poundin' El Niño? A Betty Friedan-readin', bra-eschewin' activist? Or is she a yoga-practicin' Earth mama who wears Celestial Seasonings tea bags as earrings?

"Well, I do sip herbal tea," she says. "I am someone who likes to garden, talk to my cats and be wacky hippie bird lady. I am intelligent. I am a feminist. I never wear a bra – it's too binding. And I do swear and smoke pot and shake my ass." She nods thoughtfully. "So I'm all that. I am all that."
music  singing  article 
yesterday by ndf
Your Site—Any Site—Should be a PWA | Aaron Gustafson
The other day, Frances Berriman—who coined the term “Progressive Web App”—wrote a bit about how she came up with that name. In it she clearly points out that the name has become a little problematic in dev circles:

"I keep seeing folks (developers) getting all smart-ass saying they should have been PW “Sites” not “Apps” but I just want to put on the record that it doesn’t matter. The name isn’t for you and worrying about it is distraction from just building things that work better for everyone. The name is for your boss, for your investor, for your marketeer. It’s a way for you to keep making things on the open web, even those things that look really “app-y” and your company wants to actually make as a native app, 3 times over. They don’t want you to make websites anymore, but you still can if you’re sneaky, if you tell them it’s what they think they want."

As someone who is at once a practitioner, an educator, and a consultant on web projects, this can be tough to wrestle with. But like DHTML, Ajax, and HTML5 before, when viewed as a catch-all term for an approach to building stuff for the web it really shouldn’t matter that the word “app” is in there. Sure, it could have been “site” or “thang”, but when we—and I’m talking to the practitioners here—hear someone talking about PWAs, we need to take the broad view.
PWA  article  definition  terms  progressive-enhancement  web  development  responsive  design 
yesterday by abberdab
Scotch Egg Navigation
The breadcrumb serves two purposes; firstly it gives users a sense of where they are in a site’s structure, helping them to never feel lost or disoriented. Which leads to the second purpose, to always provide them with a path home. The first of these is done entirely visually, you don’t need to click on the breadcrumb or interact with it in any way in order to help orient yourself. Its second function though, is all about the interaction, and this is where I feel it falls somewhat short.
article  ux  ui  patterns  best-practices 
yesterday by davidgasperoni
Is this my interface or yours? – John Saito – Medium
Remember back in the day when Windows had a My Computer icon? It was a glorious little icon that represented all the stuff you had on your computer—all your programs, all your work, all the digital…
design  ui  ux  writing  copywriting  article  copy  forms  issue  labeling 
yesterday by xer0x

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