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Landscape architect Bradley Cantrell on his "cyborg ecologies" -
When an ecologist says, “I never really thought of the idea that you would create basically a robot that would create an ecological system that was outside of human construction.” Suddenly there’s a new place where, is that wilderness? Is that commercial agriculture? Is that design, when you’ve made a robot that thinks for itself and is actually changing the world around us? If we haven’t really manufactured it and it’s a place that we don’t actually understand how it completely works, because it’s this other thing making it, it’s almost wilderness on one hand. The genesis is human construction, but the actual actions are computational logics.
cybernetics  design  ecology  artificialIntelligence 
2 days ago by tegabrain
AI Algorithms Need FDA-Style Drug Trials | WIRED
To protect the cognitive autonomy of individuals and the political health of society at large, we need to make the function and application of algorithms transparent.
algorithms  artificialintelligence  ethics  safety  Wired  2019 
2 days ago by inspiral
RT : The Quantum Computing Party Hasn't Even Started Yet - Scientific American Blog Network
ArtificialIntelligence  ai  from twitter
3 days ago by lgalli
Common ground: Holly Herndon in conversation with James Bridle
"We’re more willing to grant intelligence to things that we’ve built ourselves than to non-human species, even though it’s increasingly obvious that primates, cephalopods and trees have forms of intelligence that we should maybe be listening to. So how do we take this sudden decentring of the human with regard to AI? It’s like a Copernican moment when suddenly we have to acknowledge there are other forms of intelligence present. And then suddenly go, “Oh shit, there have been incredible amounts of intelligence here all along, and we’ve completely ignored them." This is very good.
ai  intelligence  cognition  interview  jamesbridle  hollyherndon  artificialintelligence 
3 days ago by infovore

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