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Bear Illustrations by Dieter Brandau
Dieter Brandau is an illustrator from Santiago, Chile. He is one of twelve artists involved in the Bears, Illustrated project, a free downloadable calendar illustrated by twelve artists from around the world.

“I tried to make a representation of what I consider an ideal of masculinity. A normal guy, no stereotypes, no perfect body, a man who is masculine independently of his sexual preference.” -Dieter Brandau
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11 days ago by dbourn
and cultural engagement is linked with higher happiness and self-esteem, though evidence shows the relationsh…
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‘Incredibles 2’ Designer Says God’s Creation Is His Inspiration
A Catholic designer has spoken about how God and his faith inform his work. As a visual set designer at Pixar Animation Studios, Philip Metschan helped create the environment of Incredibles 2, most notably, the superhero Parr family’s new home.Metschan told CNA that one of his favorite parts of being an environment builder is getting to take inspiration from the real world, filtering it through his own experience “to produce a world that’s never existed — fantastic things that no one has ever seen before.”“I am definitely someone who likes to be out in nature and out in the world and experiencing it, because I think there are strong narratives that are created just from the existence of these places,” he said, adding that, for him, it is not possible to separate creation from the Creator.“In a sense, I feel like whenever I’m using [real-world environments] as inspiration, I’m using [God] as inspiration,”
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13 days ago by thomas.kochi
A Church of Color
early Christian texts abound with references to visual worlds and the symbolic role that color played in them; one thinks of the jeweled foundations of the New Jerusalem from John’s Apocalypse, the blinding light of Paul’s conversion experience, or the ‘glory’ of the Lord, typically imaged as azure expanses and flashes of golden lightening. This polychromatic glory is hinted at in Eusebius’ panegyric for the dedication of the cathedral-basilica at Tyre during which he extols the nature of the light and the inlaid marbles adorning the building. His description is good evidence that when Christians began building their use of color was very Roman – a population that had imitated luxurious color-saturated stone and tapestry in stucco during the Republic and then began importing colored stone from North Africa during the Empire.The Christian interest in color and its use in worship was not simply decorative, it was also highly speculative and scientific. Saint Isidore of Seville (Etymologiarum sive originum, libri XX ) and the Venerable Bede (De natura rerum) carried forward the ancient notion that color is the human apprehension of light, which itself is divine, and therefore the most real element of the created order. They suggested, as well, symbolic functions of color based upon a color’s correlating material substance: For example, white is the color of life and nourishment as the blood left over in the womb is transformed into breast milk and nourishes the suckling child. This riot of color and meaning was the norm of the Church’s liturgical life and in the Medieval era found its greatest proponent in Abbot Suger of Saint-Denis, whose fascination with color and light brought him to expend great wealth on sacred vessels and vestments, popularize stained glass, and change his bedspreads according to the feast day. There are of course the subsequent Cistercian and Reformation trends toward monochromaticism, but they are historic outliers.
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13 days ago by thomas.kochi
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