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A Stunning Legal Decision Just Upheld a $6.75 Million Victory for the Street Artists Whose Works Were Destroyed at the 5Pointz Graffiti Mecca | artnet News
The ruling also took Wolkoff to task for making misrepresentations about how his business would have been harmed if he did not move to immediately whitewash the works. In his arguments, Wolkoff claimed that certain tax credits available to him would have expired if he did not move quickly to paint over the works.
Arts  Graffiti  New-York 
3 days ago by EMPD
‘Proof: Photography in the Era of the Contact Sheet’ Review: Mistakes and Masterpieces - WSJ
A selection of photographers’ contact sheets lets visitors see into the minds of the artists, witnessing both failures and triumphs. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  arts  wsj 
5 days ago by shj333
Could Cockatoo Island become the next MONA? (ArchitectureAU, 2/18/2020)
A group of private philanthropists want to take control of the publicly-owned Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour and transform it into "a world class arts and culture destination."
cockatooisland  mona  sydney  sydneyharbour  australia  arts  culture 
5 days ago by davidkoren
Inside the mind of Dominic Cummings | Politics | The Guardian
To balance Cummings’s imagined course of maths, science and history, I could, teasingly, suggest that a no less valuable preparation for public life might be a combination of philosophy, jurisprudence and literature. Philosophy would introduce habits of analysis and undermine certainty or dogmatism; jurisprudence would teach an appreciation of rules, procedures and the judgment of consequences; and the study of literature would weaken the hold of cliche and all exaggerated beliefs in the fixity of meaning. It might be said, not altogether unfairly, that Cummings’s course would produce doers and mine would produce critics (though the disciplines I suggest constantly generate new ideas rather than merely criticising old ones), but I would say that a healthy politics needs both, and that the more we emphasise the first category and try to give its occupants their head, the more we need the virtues of the second category to hold them in check.
UK  politics  CummingsDominic  ideas  education  science  government  SnowCP  interdisciplinarity  specialisation  research  arts  philosophy  CivilService  legal  evolution  Hayek  entrepreneurs  dctagged  dc:creator=ColliniStefan 
8 days ago by petej
The Fourth Estate, by Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo, on Wikipedia
The term fourth estate is used to refer to a social and political force whose influence is not formally recognized, meaning that is not part of the institutions that form the state, but nevertheless carries influence over the affairs of the state. While the term is more commonly used to refer to news media as a political actor, in this instance it describes the political power held by striking workers.
The painting depicts a workers' strike.
Many of characters depicted in the painting are based on friends of the artist, on socialist activists and on natives of Volpedo, while the woman holding a baby that appears in the forefront is based on Teresa Bidone, the artist's wife. The artist hanged himself after the death of his wife and son.
Bears  Painting  Italy  Arts  Labor  Milano 
11 days ago by dbourn
At last a debate about the ethics of using (gambling) funds as the main financing method for the - I…
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13 days ago by body-tech23

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