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ASCII Tables ( provides methods for reading and writing a wide range of ASCII data table formats via built-in Extension Reader classes. The emphasis is on flexibility and ease of use, although readers can optionally use a less flexible C/Cython engine for reading and writing for improved performance.

The following shows a few of the ASCII formats that are available, while the section on Supported formats contains the full list.

Basic: basic table with customizable delimiters and header configurations
Cds: CDS format table (also Vizier and ApJ machine readable tables)
Daophot: table from the IRAF DAOphot package
Ecsv: ECSV format for lossless round-trip of data tables
FixedWidth: table with fixed-width columns (see also Fixed-width Gallery)
Ipac: IPAC format table
HTML: HTML format table contained in a <table> tag
Latex: LaTeX table with datavalue in the tabular environment
Rdb: tab-separated values with an extra line after the column definition line
SExtractor: SExtractor format table
ascii  csv  tsv  python  data  dataanalysis  plaintext 
19 hours ago by dusko
Asciitable — asciitable 0.8.0 documentation
Generate output in tabular form (in a number of formats) as well as parsing data presented in that form and converting it to, for instance, a list of lists.


This package is no longer being developed.

The asciitable package has been moved into the Astropy project and is now known as This new version is very compatible with asciitable and most existing code should work.

The package is being actively developed and contains many new features and bug fixes relative to asciitable. Users are strongly encouraged to migrate to If you have any questions or problems please send mail to the AstroPy mailing list (
python  plaintext  ascii 
19 hours ago by dusko
ALT codes for symbols and characters
On IBM compatible PCs, many characters that can't be typed on a keyboard can be entered by holding down the ALT key and then using the numeric keypad to type the ASCII or Unicode code for that character.
ascii  excel  spreadsheets 
yesterday by terry
asciinema/asciinema-player: Web player for terminal session recordings ⏩
asciinema web player with self-hosting instructions so you don't need to be dependent upon their site.
ascii  screencast  terminal  cli  programming 
yesterday by masukomi
&what: Discover Unicode & HTML Character Entities
amp-what — a quick, interactive reference of 14,500 HTML character entities* and common Unicode characters, 8859-1 characters, quotation marks, punctuation marks, accented characters, symbols, mathematical symbols, and Greek letters, icons, and markup-significant & internationalization characters.
ascii  html  reference 
2 days ago by janvereecken
Monodraw for macOS — Helftone
Powerful ASCII art editor designed for the Mac.
diagram  ascii 
3 days ago by rtortoledo
C with ABC!
An executable paper describing a C compiler for printable x86, including the funniest instance of "(?)" I've ever seen:

> This string is used to test antivirus software, because you can hide this string away inside some file and then see if the antivirus software can successfully find it (?).
programming  ascii  c  eicar 
5 days ago by nolanw
ASCIIFlow Infinity
Infinite ASCII diagrams, save to Google Drive, resize, freeform draw, and export straight to text/html.
ASCII  应用 
6 days ago by Ziya
Character Encoding in Depth – tajawal – Medium
A character encoding is a mechanism which tells the computer how to interpret raw zeroes and ones into real characters. How the computer do it basically it does by pairing numbers with characters If…
http  character  encoding  ascii  unicode  history 
9 days ago by gilberto5757
Dancing ASCII person tweet
/ \
dancing  ASCII 
12 days ago by farktronix

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