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The Method in North Korea's Madness - Commentary
One of the more improbable geostrategic surprises of recent years has been the revival of the North Korean economy under the direction of Kim Jong Un. Just
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yesterday by Kjaleshire
Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
Pankaj Mishra wastes no time getting the boot into the ineptitude of the ruling-class Brexiteers. it's glorious
Politicians and journalists in Ireland are understandably aghast over the aggressive ignorance of English Brexiteers. Business people everywhere are outraged by their cavalier disregard for the economic consequences of new borders. But none of this would surprise anyone who knows of the unconscionable breeziness with which the British ruling class first drew lines through Asia and Africa and then doomed the people living across them to endless suffering.
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2 days ago by jm
The Marie Kondo Books Debate Has Classist & Racist Undertones That Can't Be Ignored
"... But it wasn't long before Oh came to believe that "people are deliberately misunderstanding [Kondo.]"
Here's how it all started: In episode 5 of Tidying Up, Kondo helps a young couple declutter their books. ... An article in Deseret News reiterates Kondo's points: she believes that if you have a lot of unread books or books you hang onto in the belief you will reread them one day, you should get rid of them. ...
Oh cites an article in The Guardian by Anakana Schofield, written after Schofield's viral KonMari tweet, as one example of "a willful misunderstanding of Kondo's statements here to suit her own narrative." Oh says, "There is an overemphasis on the words 'spark joy' without understanding what [Kondo] really means by it. Tokimeki doesn't actually mean joy. It means throb, excitement, palpitation. Just this basic understanding annihilates Schofield's argument that books should not only spark joy but challenge and perturb us. Tokimeki would imply that if a book that challenges and perturbs us also gives us a positive reaction, then why wouldn't you keep it?"
Oh also mentions [author Jennifer] Wright's now-deleted tweet in which she called Kondo "a monster," saying, "The deliberate misunderstanding starts with forgetting that the advice is geared to people looking to declutter their life in the first place. If that doesn't apply to you, then don't listen."
@ElloEllenOh · Jan 14, 2019
I’m tired of white people deliberately misstating the sentiments of an Asian woman for funny memes and tweets.
Remember, she called a woman of color a monster. A woman who's culture is completely different from her own & who was just trying to advocate joy. She called her a monster and now says those yelling at her are awful.
"The backlash has focused on everything from [Kondo's] poor English to making fun of the terms she [uses]," Oh says. "We have seen so many memes making fun of the concept of 'sparking joy' and it reminds me in many ways of people deliberately misunderstanding and making fun of my parents' broken English."
There is also, Oh says, a certain amount of privilege that has come into play in the book-tidying discussion.
"Classism, elitism, the privilege of having a big house with a lot of storage? I don't know what the rationale is for the backlash but I do know that it comes from a place of privilege," Oh says. "Elitism in that if you don't have lots of books you can't possibly be very smart. And financial classism because I remember being young and poor and owning less than ten books. It was why the library was my sanctuary."
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2 days ago by jimmykduong

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