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8bitworkshop - Write 8-bit code in your browser.
Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer?
Learn how classic game hardware worked.
Write code and see it run instantly.
retro  8bit  atari  atari2600  programming  assembler 
22 days ago by des-or-mad
mmcloughlin/avo: Generate x86 Assembly with Go
Generate x86 Assembly with Go. Contribute to mmcloughlin/avo development by creating an account on GitHub.
golang  assembler  tools 
6 weeks ago by cothrun
Hacker Pulp - OS Development on Windows - Part 1: Building a UEFI Application in NASM
This is a series of articles on developing your own operating system. We will be focusing on modern techniques, like UEFI booting and 64-bit assembly, and everything will be created from scratch. I will be going step-by-step, explaining every tool we use and every line of code, so that you have a thorough understanding of the process. You should be able to copy-paste these steps and get the same results I am describing.

In addition, we will be doing this on Windows and using the tools available on this platform only. OS development is almost exclusively done on UNIX-like systems because the tools are more readily available and documented. I hope to show you how easy this is to do on Windows too.
uefi  assembler  x64  windows 
7 weeks ago by cothrun

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