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You Won’t Believe This One Weird CPU Instruction! - Vaibhav Sagar
Various uses of the popcount instruction, which counts the number of 1s in an int. In Rust, setting the cpu to haswell will compile the count_ones() method into this one instruction.
13 hours ago by amitp
Go: How Are Loops Translated to Assembly? - A Journey With Go - Medium
Loops are powerful concepts in programming and quite easy to handle. However, it has to be translated into basic instructions the computer can understand. The way it is compiled could also impact…
golang  assembly 
22 hours ago by geetarista
GitHub - myrrlyn/bitvec: A crate for managing memory bit by bit
"bitvec enables Rust projects to have complete, bit-level, control of memory, with types that fit in with existing Rust idioms and patterns. The bit-precision pointers in this crate allow creation of more powerful bit-masks, set arithmetic, compact data storage, and I/O packet processing."
rust  github  assembly  hardware 
6 days ago by gavin

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