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Are you ready to scale?
Are you ready to scale?
This is list of preliminary questions that an organization ask itself as to whether or not it is ready to scale to start delivering larger products.
Each question has ...
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4 days ago by rhaley
Agile Maturity Team Assessment workbook
"Welcome to the Agile Maturity Team Assessment workbook!
Follow the instructions below to perform a team assessment.
"Team Members worksheet
1. Enter each team member's name, select their role, ...
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4 days ago by rhaley
RT : hey library folks, come join us in Windsor for the 2019 Cdn workshop (CLAW) Oct 22-2…
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6 days ago by jbfink
ASA Statement on Teaching Evaluations
Interesting and filled with relevant research to cite. Some concrete ideas here too. Maybe bring up in a future curriculum committee meeting?
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6 days ago by ebovee
Using and Optimizing Course Evaluations - Michigan
This is an article linked to in the ASA statement on student evaluations - it includes hyperlinks to articles that I have not yet read about course evaluations and how faculty can optimize them
Marquette  Assessment  CourseEvals 
6 days ago by ebovee
tesseract R package
reads image scans, like on PDF. Extracts text. very cool, but couldn't get it to work on a PDF that also had handwritten notes on it - might work better when it is exclusively typed content.
R  Assessment  Marquette 
11 days ago by ebovee
Opinion | The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ - The New York Times
a bureaucratic behemoth known as learning outcomes assessment. This elaborate, expensive, supposedly data-driven analysis seeks to translate the subtleties of the classroom into PowerPoint slides packed with statistics — in the hope of deflecting the charge that students pay too much for degrees that mean too little."
"Instead, it lets politicians and accreditors ignore these problems as long as bureaucratic mechanisms appear to be holding someone — usually a professor — accountable for student performance."

"Faced with outrage over the high cost of higher education, universities responded by encouraging expensive administrative bloat.
learning_outcomes  higher_education  learning  assessment  bureaucracy 
15 days ago by pagecarr
Sample Random Rows in a Dataframe
I used this to select winners for the gift card drawing for Marquette for course evaluations.

My script:
winners <- data_potentialwinners[sample(nrow(data_potentialwinners), 4), ]
R  Marquette  Assessment 
22 days ago by ebovee
Collapse Rows and sum the values in R
It's a kind of long-to-wide solution to the problem.

A draft of the solution as I applied it to select a gift card winner is here:
data_summary <- data %>%
group_by(stuemail) %>%
summarize(sum_skippedasurvey = sum(skippedasurvey))
R  Assessment 
22 days ago by ebovee

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