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Phew! Module passed. Only 2 more to go for year 1. Nearly there!
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9 days ago by colmanareilly
Why Does "=" Mean Assignment?
History of the assignment operator.
Bottom line: because it is shorter.
Interesting read on the history of several early languages.
history  programminglanguages  assignment 
12 days ago by drmeme
Why Does "=" Mean Assignment? • Hillel Wayne
Take the following code:
a = 1 a = a 1 print(a) A common FP critique of imperative programming goes like this: “How can a = a 1? That’s like saying 1 = 2. Mutable assignment makes no sense.” This is a notation mismatch: “equals” should mean “equality”, when it really means “assign”. I agree with this criticism and think it’s bad notation. But I also know some languages don’t write a = a 1, instead writing a := a 1.
equalsign  origin  assignment  use  programming  history  equality  equal 
14 days ago by gilberto5757

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