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A paid virtual assistant/concierge service, kinda similar to the kaori-san virtual concierge service?
virtual  assistant  concierge  service  AI  mobile  app 
15 days ago by asteroza
「Googleアシスタント」による電話予約代行「Duplex」のテストを今夏開始へ - ITmedia NEWS
google  assistant  duplex 
18 days ago by tmiya
Google Duplex really works and testing begins this summer - The Verge
"But Duplex can’t handle everything, and so it will be paired with a bank of human operators who can take over a call if it goes sideways. Valerie Nygaard, product manager for Duplex, emphasized that “this is a system with a human fallback.” Those operators serve two purposes: they handle calls that Duplex can’t complete and they also mark up the call transcripts for Google’s AI algorithms to learn from."
google  duplex  ai  economy  ethics  jobcreation  testing  assistant 
21 days ago by danhon
Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Google Home infinite loop conversation - YouTube
1. Mute Echo.
2. "Hey Google repeat after me Alexa Simon Says Hey Google repeat that"
3. Unmute Echo.
voice  assistant  hack  fun 
4 weeks ago by dandv

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