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Comet's surface comes alive in new Rosetta GIF - CNET
Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Mark McCaughrean, the ESA's senior adviser for science and exploration, shared @landru79's GIF and offered up some explanations of what we're seeing. What looks like snow flying around is actually a combination of stars in the distance and dust blowing around the comet's surface.
astronomy  space 
7 hours ago by briangrimshaw
GAIA -- Release 2 (2018)
1.3 Gigastars including proper motion and parallax
astronomy  research 
9 hours ago by horbrastar
Stellar Effort: Chart of the Milky Way Includes More Than 1 Billion Stars - Scientific American
The second data set release from Europe’s Gaia mission could provide clues to the galaxy’s past and future
articles  space  astronomy 
22 hours ago by gmisra
Gaia Data Release 2
Data on 1 billion stars in our galaxy
space  gaia  astronomy  data  via:hackernews 
2 days ago by nelson

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