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A simple introduction to Python’s asyncio – ArchSaber – Medium
As with each of our a-simple-introduction-to-X posts, we will refrain from using buzzwords, and look at things the way they are — from the first principles. If you’ve come here, it is likely that you…
python  coroytub  async  asynchronous  asyncio  reference  tutorial 
16 days ago by gilberto5757
Background Processing in Elixir with GenStage – Scripbox Technology Blog – Medium
At Scripbox, we recently started working on a new sub-system which had the requirement to be highly concurrent and distributed. We stumbled on Elixir and found it to be the best tool for the job. We…
asynchronous  elixir  genstage  queue 
26 days ago by nuxlli
mauricio/postgresql-async: Async, Netty based, database drivers for PostgreSQL and MySQL written in Scala
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
asynchronous  java  mysql  postgresql  scala  postgres  async  client  database  db 
4 weeks ago by markwatson
Asynchronous Programming in .NET – Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) – Rubik's Code
In the previous articles, we could see what the motivation behind asynchronous programming in .NET is, and we explored some of the most common pitfalls and guidelines when using this programming style. As we mentioned before, async/await mechanism was first introduced in .NET 4.5, but there were other attempts at asynchronous programming before that. To be…
asynchronous  task  pattern 
6 weeks ago by gilberto5757

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