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ARc - Atomic React
ARc is a React starter kit based on the Atomic Design methodology. It's progressive, which means that you can start with the basic boilerplate and try the other features when you are comfortable.
arc  react  reactjs  javascript  web  starter  tool  library  boilerplate  atomic  design  programming 
24 days ago by vicchow
Reflections on building an MVP design system in 3 months
This case study aims to chronicle the creation of our working design system at Linqia. I’ll share insight into the questions we asked, our process for getting started, the tools we used to create and implement the system, and also how we document, maintain, and share the system with our team.
fridayfrontend  css  designsystem  patternlibrary  patterns  design  atomic 
4 weeks ago by spaceninja
Decentralized Exchanges, Off-Chain Atomic Swaps, And A Brief Look Into The Future
DEX or ERC20 and Lightning Network? What does a cryptocurrency exchange future look like?
decentralized  cryptocurrencies  exchange  atomic  swap  liquidity 
7 weeks ago by orlin
faast | fastest way to build a crypto currency portfolio
faast is the fastest way to build a crypto currency portfolio. Connect your hardware wallet, metamask, or other ethereum wallet and let us do the work for you. Swap between 80 different tokens for near-zero fees.
crypto  decentralized  exchange  atomic  swap  ethereum  portfolio 
7 weeks ago by orlin
The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 - Results
It's very easy to take for granted what tools are being used based on your own knowledge and habits. These results help to give an insight into the current trends in front-end tooling, as well as showing how usage is changing over time by looking at the figures from previous surveys.
fridayfrontend  surveys  tools  css  sass  less  postcss  bootstrap  frameworks  lint  autoprefixer  modernizr  stylelint  smacss  oocss  bem  itcss  suit  atomic  css-in-js 
8 weeks ago by spaceninja

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