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This Experiment Has Some Great News for Our Democracy
500+ voters in a room for a weekend with neutral moderators...
attitudes  politics 
20 days ago by paulmr
Opinion | What Kind of Problem Is Climate Change? - The New York Times
"PPE" putting Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics together to examine "Public Goods" and how to escape the prisoner's dilemma.

But, it's all up to the scientists??
climate  attitudes  solutions 
22 days ago by paulmr
Surge in young Republicans worried about the environment: survey - Reuters
The number of Republican voters aged 18-34 who are worried about the issue rose by 18 percentage points to 67%, said the poll, which also showed a 10 percentage point increase among all U.S. Republicans who said they tried “to live eco-consciously”.
climate  attitudes 
4 weeks ago by paulmr
Rethinking Climate Communication
Summary of a Ted Talk by Per Espen Stoknes 2017
climate  communication  attitudes 
july 2019 by paulmr

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