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How 20th Century Fox uses machine learning to predict a movie audience • Google Cloud blog
<p>Understanding the market segmentation of the movie-going public is a core function of movie studios. Over the years, studios have invested in high-level data processes to try to map out customer segments, and to make predictions for future films. However, to date, granular predictions at the segment level, not to mention at the customer level, have remained elusive because of technological and institutional barriers.  

Miguel and his team have been able to lift some of those barriers by working with partners like Google Cloud. Together, we’ve built privacy-robust data partnerships to better understand moviegoers, and have developed in-house deep learning models that train on granular customer data and movie scripts to identify the basic patterns in audiences’ preferences for different types of films. In the span of 18 months, these models have become routine considerations for important business decisions, and provide one of their most objective, data-driven, and effective barometers to evaluate the tone of a movie, its affinity with core and stretch audiences, and its potential financial performance.

When it comes to movies, analyzing text taken from a script is limiting because it only provides a skeleton of the story, without any of the additional dynamism that can entice an audience to see a movie. The team wondered if there was some way to use modern, advanced computer vision to study movie trailers, which remain the single most central element of a movie’s entire marketing campaign. The trailer release for a new movie is a highly anticipated event that can help predict future success, so it behoves the business to ensure the trailer is hitting the right notes with moviegoers. To achieve this goal, the 20th Century Fox data science team partnered with Google’s Advanced Solutions Lab to create Merlin Video, a computer vision tool that learns dense representations of movie trailers to help predict a specific trailer’s future moviegoing audience.</p>

This is entirely predictable, though also slightly weird. However, notice what happens: the right-hand column is what it forecast, the left-hand what happened. The ones to pay attention to are the unexpected, grey ones - particularly Deadpool. <br /><img src="" width="100%" />
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yesterday by charlesarthur
Geo-Data Is No Longer Just A Targeting Tool; It's An 'Understanding' Instrument |
Initially the focus in the market was very much around the basic concept of proximity based targeting, but we have been constantly pushing the envelope with our clients, to move more towards mobile and location as keys to understanding consumer behavior and building high fidelity flexible audience types. This means using location and location history to build behavioral profiles (we were the first company to do this at scale)
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8 days ago by pciszewski
Film Funda: Funding Your Independent Film |
Superb advice for funding indie films [India-focused but applies anywhere]
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15 days ago by csrollyson
A 201 guide for taking your newsletters to the next level—growing the lists, making money, and more.
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17 days ago by atran
A 201 guide for taking your newsletters to the next level—growing the lists, making money, and more.
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22 days ago by aperfect
A 201 guide for taking your newsletters to the next level—growing the lists, making money, and more.
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Apple ITP Impact More Severe Than Expected
"Intelligent Tracking Prevention"

Safari and Firefox deleting third-party cross site cookies

50% of retargeting lists disappering daily.

The third-party cookie is the Achilles heel of programmatic advertising. The platforms with logged-in users know this and are systematically inching closer towards a world where a cookie-dependent ad ecosystem no longer exists. Safari and Firefox have already implemented measures against third-party cookies.
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24 days ago by joshuabmarsh
Intentional Practice for Museums: A Guide for Maximizing Impact - 9781538106365
Intentional Practice for Museums: A Guide for Maximizing Impact introduces the Cycle of Intentional Practice—a practical approach to planning, evaluating, reflecting, and aligning your work.

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4 weeks ago by craigrosa

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