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Eyes Wide Open: Part 2 | Hidden Brain : NPR
Shankar Vedantam interviews neuroscientist Matthew Walker about sleep; 35:59 (audio), 2017 Nov 13.
2017  sleep  HiddenBrain  MatthewWalker  ShankarVedantam  audio  NPR 
yesterday by amoore
Simple Audio Recognition  |  TensorFlow
Cutting down TensorFlow models to be run with much less horsepower
pmz  machine_learning  audio  speech-recognition 
yesterday by mechazoidal
m-operator – about
This is a musical experiment side project aimed to produce small audio pieces on a regular basis. It's mainly inspired by synth artists and indie game sound designers. I do it in my spare time, so it might seem a little experimental.

Anyway, you can freely use any audio files for any project but I cannot guarantee the quality.
Say hi on Twitter if you have any suggestions or request.
audio  music  free  cc  ambient 
2 days ago by mildlydiverting
Mercury - audio transcriber
Transcribe, translate, edit and publish video and audio.
audio  journalism 
2 days ago by robertocarroll

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