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Why sports sound better in your living room - YouTube
Audio engineers are the unsung heroes of the live sports broadcast.
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5 hours ago by inspiral
Setting Up Your Webcam, Lights, and Audio for Remote Work, Podcasting, Videos, and Streaming |
I've started live streaming and publishing videos on my YouTube Channel again recently and it made me realize just how much work I've put into getting a good hardware setup—not just for the streams, but also just as someone who works remote and sits on video calls every day.

I've spent quite a bit of time obsessing over lights and camera, and I wanted to help you—new streamer, podcaster, new remote worker, or someone trying to level up their setup—see a few different types of option for your remote work or streaming setup.
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11 hours ago by javajunky jperez26 comments on foobar2000 on Linux through WINE?
One word: Snaps

Go here and you can get an easy installation of it without jumping through a bunch of hoops of whether it'll work on or in different versions of wine, etc. This one is maintained, so it's actively being updated to the latest version.

Click install and either click the link to go to the Ubuntu Store to grab it or use the terminal command it has there to install it via snap in any distro that supports snap (which just about every single one does). If you don't have it installed, there is a link under the command so you can install snap for your distro. Easy!

Did this yesterday for my Antergos installation on my new laptop and while the snap install was a bit...odd, the installation of Foobar2000 after the fact was perfect, no issues. Even transferred my theme from Windows to the Linux snap version without issue.
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14 hours ago by mikael

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