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3 Lightweight Podcast Managers For Linux
Podcasts were the medium of the future ten years ago. The technology, which uses RSS feeds to push audio or video directly to a user's desktop, seems today
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yesterday by po
The 10 Best Apps for Managing Podcasts on Linux
Linux doesn't have a great choice of podcast clients, but don't worry - nearly every modern music player for Linux can serve as a podcatcher. Let's take a look at the options.
linux  podcasting  postcasts  audio  players  aggregators 
yesterday by po
MQA: Archimago Adds a “Final” Nail to the Coffin! | Real HD-Audio
“Archimago confronts and dismisses every argument made by the inventors of MQA with careful technical and scientific rigor. He destroys the sycophant mainstream audiophile authors that have described this highly flawed scheme as ‘the most significant audio technology of my lifetime’ or ‘MQA’s ability to deliver better than high-res quality sound’ with an objective sensibility and dispassionate thoroughness.”
mqa  audio  2018 
yesterday by handcoding
Mute Background Noise | Noise Cancelling Software
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yesterday by cmagnuson
V2 synthesizer | - delivering superior consumer technology since 2004
"Here it is - the synthesizer that was responsible for creating all sounds in the famous farbrausch intros such as .the .product, poemtoahorse, Candytron, Flybye and of course the 96 kilobyte shoot-em-up .kkrieger, and the 177 kilobyte miracle called debris. makes it available to YOU - from this time on you can download all tools necessary for composing as well as a library that you can put into your own productions at your own will. So, enjoy!"
demoscene  tools  piperesearch  music  audio  Farbrausch 
yesterday by mechazoidal
RT : (()) The History Of Podcasting - brought to you by the man who was there AND the BEST in the UNIVERS…
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yesterday by phoneboy
The Best True Wireless Headphones for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
"The Jabra Elite 65t is the first set of true wireless earbuds that we actually love because they sound great, they’re comfortable, and [...] The four-microphone array works well to keep your voice sounding crystal clear over phone calls."
audio  shopping  review  hardware 
yesterday by niksilver
Convert Youtube / Facebook to downloadable MP4 or MP3
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yesterday by dane
6 Best Offline Music Apps for Android
Searching for offline music player apps for your Android device that supports a variety of file formats? Check out our curated list of best offline music apps.
android  apps  audio  music 
2 days ago by kger

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