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Lyrebird - Create a digital copy of voice
As pioneers of this technology, we believe that we have the responsibility to guide its launch to developers and the general public. We have worked hard to create principles that accurately reflect the values we espouse as technologists. We have sought the insights of machine learning researchers, our investors, ethics professors, and many others.

Our tech is still at its early stage but it will likely improve fast and become widespread in a few years - it is inevitable. Therefore the key question is more about how to introduce it to the world in the best possible manner so that the risk of misuse is avoided as much as possible. This is the approach that we consider the best:

First, we want to raise public awareness to make people realize that the technology exists by releasing audio samples from the digital voices of Donald Trump and Barack Obama.
Second, we want to ensure that your digital voice is yours. We are stewards of your voice, but you control its usage: no one can use it without your explicit consent.

Imagine that we had decided not to release this technology at all. Others would develop it and who knows if their intentions would be as sincere as ours: they could, for example, only sell the technology to a specific company or an ill-intentioned organization. By contrast, we are making the technology available to anyone and we are introducing it incrementally so that society can adapt to it, leverage its positive aspects for good, while preventing potentially negative applications.
Voice  Digital  Replicas  OnLine  WebApp  Beta  MachineLearning  AI  audio  generation 
3 hours ago by abetancort
Disabling Dynamic Ticks – Update Controller
Fortunately, disabling Dynamic Ticks is a one step process. Open up an instance of Power Shell as an administrator and type in the following…

bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes

Then reboot. This setting is permanent until disabled with it’s opposite, simply replace “yes” with “no”. This feature doesn’t cause issues on every system, but it does cause issues on enough machines that it’s worth keeping the fix in mind.
Windows  Windows10  audio  sync  Realtek  latency  PowerShell 
4 hours ago by coffeebucket
Focus at Work • Relax at Home • Sleep at Night | myNoise ®
Background noise player with a huge range of sounds to play.
audio  sound  productivity 
9 hours ago by mzyk83
Global Potplayer
Global Potplayer handles 4k HEVC files easily, unlike windows 10 by default, or VLC!
apps  entertainment  player  app  windows  video  files  audio 
12 hours ago by padakonn

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