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Content revitalization is driving clicks and conversions in 2020; which is why are so important.…
content  audits  from twitter
22 days ago by jhill5
We keep adding to our list of the types we do:

💡SERP visibility - featured snippets oppo…
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12 weeks ago by jhill5
IRS: Sorry, but It’s Just Easier and Cheaper to Audit the Poor — ProPublica
Congress asked the IRS to report on why it audits the poor more than the affluent. Its response is that it doesn’t have enough money and people to audit the wealthy properly. So it’s not going to.
government  irs  audits 
october 2019 by geetarista
When you need the web audit team that gets deepest into
TechnicalSEO  Audits  from twitter
may 2019 by jhill5
Chart of the Day: Audits of Rich People Plummeted Last Year – Mother Jones
“Never let it be said that rich people don’t get their money’s worth from the Republicans they vote for…”
GOP  IRS  Audits  Taxes  Fraud  Republicans 
may 2019 by Membranophonist
are all about IMPROVEMENTS; vs a worrying it points to mistakes

webdesigner  Audits  SEO  from twitter
april 2019 by jhill5
RT - are positive. It's not as much about the errors that they find - it's about the fixes…
Audits  from twitter
april 2019 by jhill5
The digital space that your online business is in is constantly changing. Making Critical.…
SEO  Audits  from twitter
april 2019 by jhill5
Design Audits – What Are They and Why You Need One| Phase
How to make sure that all of your design work for a company actually makes sense? You have to run a design audit. In this articles, you will find out what is design audit, how to run it, and how can you get most out of it.
design  Audits  ux 
march 2019 by panoptican
: "Take a wholistic approach. Make sure that your duplicate content, your mixed content, your sitemaps,…
Audits  SEO  from twitter
march 2019 by jhill5
RT : It helps to get past many of the free by going deeper to determine exactly where your…
Audits  SEO  from twitter
february 2019 by jhill5

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