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A cross-platform build automation system with C# DSL.
An approach to embrace existing IDE tooling.
A state where everyone in a team is able to manage and change the build.
code  c#  automation 
7 hours ago by ludovicchabant
GitHub - Letterboxd/letterboxd-ios-x-callback-url: X-Callback URL scheme for Letterboxd iOS app
The Github page documenting the X-Callback-URL schemes that the movie app, Letterboxd supports.
shortcuts  automation  log  movies  diary  themoviegoer  films  app  ios  Workflow  letterboxd 
17 hours ago by Puddingstone
resinOS - home
Run Docker containers on embedded devices

A host OS tailored for containers, designed for reliability, proven in production

[Runs on RPi, other ARM systems]
docker  raspberrypi  software  embedded  container  automation 
yesterday by bdyck

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