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There's Something Very Weird Going on With Cars' GPS Systems at the Geneva Motor Show
"As you may know, the Geneva Motor Show public days are this week, and while we’ve been covering a number of interesting concepts and cars at the show, there’s also something happening there that no one can really explain. For some reason, many of the cars are showing their location as being in Buckingham, England, and the year as 2036. "

"He told me that the false GPS signal is “pissing off” the carmakers because it’s making their systems look bad and/or vulnerable.

Even when employees from the carmakers try to manually reset the GPS location and the date, the spoofed signals overwrite the manually-entered information, so that’s not an option.

Echivard also told me that because the signal is not “permanent” they are unable to triangulate its location. "
GPS  spoofing  automobile 
11 days ago by pierredv
Take a classic road trip on America's longest highway | MNN - Mother Nature Network
An aura of history and romance surrounds famous highways like Route 66. Modernization, as well as the pursuit of convenience and safety, have led to more four- or eight-lane highways crisscrossing the nation, like I-90, I-35 or I-94. Finite stretches of state and county roads may still have that timeless two-lanes-cutting-through-the-countryside appeal, but road trips that follow the cross-country highways of yesteryear mostly take place in people’s imagination, not on the blacktop.

However, there is one historic highway where it is still possible to get in touch with the glory days of the American road trip. U.S. Route 20 covers 3,365 miles from Boston, Massachusetts, to Newport, Oregon. It is currently the longest highway in the country. For most of its length, Route 20 runs roughly parallel to I-90, which connects Boston and Seattle (a distance of 3,100 miles).
highway  history  travel  automobile  seattle 
22 days ago by bwiese
Self driving car performance
Statistics on how often the car hands control off to the driver
cars  automobile  ai  selfdriving  waymo  uber 
5 weeks ago by nelson
Cybersecurity for Autonomous Vehicles Must Be a Top Concern for Automakers - IEEE - The Institute Jan 2019
Via Dale, "no mention of jamming, spoofing, and replay attacks"

"Auto manufacturers have begun taking steps to mitigate cybersecurity risks in their autonomous vehicles."

Problems identified:
= lack of consensus
= standards needed
automobile  cyber-spectrum  cybersecurity  IEEE 
5 weeks ago by pierredv

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