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Listen to the audiobook to find out how automotive leaders can fuel digitization in manufacturing with…
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16 days ago by TomRaftery
Auto Auction - Copart USA - Salvage Cars For Sale
Clean & salvage title cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, heavy equipment & more in live online auctions every weekday!
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28 days ago by activescott
Self-driving car dilemmas reveal that moral choices are not universal - Nature, Oct 2018
"The largest ever survey of machine ethics1, published today in Nature, finds that many of the moral principles that guide a driver’s decisions vary by country. For example, in a scenario in which some combination of pedestrians and passengers will die in a collision, people from relatively prosperous countries with strong institutions were less likely to spare a pedestrian who stepped into traffic illegally."
NatureJournal  ethics  AI  morality  automobile 
6 weeks ago by pierredv
Thieves steal a Tesla Model S by hacking the entry fob - Engadget Oct 2018
"A Tesla owner who recorded thieves stealing his Model S by hacking the passive entry system has published the video on YouTube so we can all watch (and learn). It shows the crooks using a tablet to apparently capture the passive signal from his keyfob, then using the data to open the vehicle. "

"Tesla has recently implemented features to deter passive entry theft, but the owner sheepishly admitted he didn't use them. Namely, he failed to activate the "PIN to drive" feature that requires a further code before you can drive off. He also left passive entry -- which opens the car when you walk up to it with the fob -- enabled, even though it was parked outside. He also didn't use a "Faraday pouch" to store the fob, which would have prevented the thieves from nabbing the signals."
Engadget  Spectrum  cybersecurity  automobile  automotive  security  hacking 
6 weeks ago by pierredv
#1 Site for Cheap Car Rentals | AutoSlash | Car Rental Deals
AutoSlash was founded on a simple idea: people should be able to get a great deal on a car rental without having to work for it. AutoSlash - finds the best deal based on the discounts you are eligible for, tracks rental rates and alerts you anytime a better deal is found, compares prices accross all major rental brands There are tons of coupons out there for rental cars, but it's too hard to find them and too hard to know which one is the best. You can spend hours looking for coupons, and then hours more testing them all out to see which one gives the biggest discount. It's not an easy process. So we set out to change that. All of us here at AutoSlash are avid travelers. On average, we each fly more than 50,000 miles a year. Most of us have been to all 50 states. Some of us have been to almost half the countries on earth. A few of us have worked at or even managed rental car offices. And we all do that on a shoestring budget—without compromising the experience. In other words, we're experts at traveling well and saving money. So we did.
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7 weeks ago by doglord
In Memoriam: My Subaru, Aged 25 years 484,000 miles – JONATHAN TURLEY
The untimely end came about four miles from my destination. The engine failed. I hoped for the best as each time in the past he would pull through famously. Yet after my mechanic broke the news it was not good. He required extensive repair to the engine and it wasn’t feasible to keep going. After hundreds of thousands of miles of every terrain in the state and every whether condition, my Subaru finally needed to rest.
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8 weeks ago by Jswindle
Why you should wrap your car keys in aluminum foil | Fox News, Aug 2018
"Your key fob uses an electronic signal, and newer models don't even require you to press a button. Just approach your car, and the doors will unlock automatically. In some vehicles, the engine will also turn on."

If you have a true keyless car model, thieves can intercept the signal. How do they do it? Understanding the mechanics of a “car hacking” can help you prevent it.
FoxNews  automobile  automotive  hacking  spectrum 
9 weeks ago by pierredv

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