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Kubernetes on AWS? — Caution – .Cloud Opinion – Medium
This will only gets worse as time goes on, as both Google and Amazon are now upping their war publicly and behaving more like old cable companies and TV stations that we so detest: Please see …
kubernetes  cloud  aws  criticisms 
2 hours ago by vonc
Production Readiness Checklist
1. Server-side
2. Client-side
3. Data storage
4. Scalability and High Availability
5. Continuous Integration
6. Continuous Delivery
7. Networking
8. Security
9. Monitoring
10 Cost optimization
aws  checklist  production 
5 hours ago by drmeme
Best AWS log/event cruncher for SMEs who can't afford splunk? : aws
- Logentries integrates with AWS Cloudtrail and combines CloudTrail data with other data sources such as AWS Cloudwatch, your system and application log data. Logentries provides an easy to use clickable interface that allows you to easily understand your Cloudtrail data and AWS account activity. Logentries provides out of the box alerts and tags for important Cloudtrail events so that you can immediately get notified upon important events and activity in your AWS account. Logentries helps you correlate Cloudtrail, Cloudwatch and your application log information to better diagnose and troubleshoot issues. Logentires dashboards provide a high level summary view of the CloudTrail data so that trends can be monitored over time.
- use beats instead of logstash to ship logs
aws  logs  monitoring  cybersecurity 
7 hours ago by bwiese

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