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🏅 App of the Week 🏅 This app will probably change how you take notes for the rest of your life
Otter Voice Notes
Otter, brought to you by AISense, is your new secret weapon for meetings, lectures, important conversations, etc. The app not only records, but it also transcribes as it’s recording!
**  If  you  like  to  make  voice  memos  on  the  go  or  even  you  just  plain  suck  at  typing  up  notes  during  meetings_  say  the  word  (literally)  and  Otter’s  got  your  back. 
october 2018 by matzner
Taking baby outside info
If its above 70 tonight maybe we can take him and Moa for a brief walk down
the  street  and  back.  LU  baby 
november 2015 by gabemcmillan
The cat who stared into the light and found a rainbow of happy love smiling back. « roberthughey
March 29, 2013 at 05:09PM To this I say: “Meow, #meow #purr #roar,” which means “18 Fabulous #Cats who believe in #Marriage #Equality.” Robert Wiley Hughey They’ve got plenty of reasons for it, t
RobertHughey  WordPress  Facebook  Link  robert  hughey  The  cat  who  stared  into  light  and  found  a  rainbow  of  happy  love  smiling  back.  from delicious
march 2013 by marsmadness
I was on a path to becoming a professional golfer. I was a highly recruited play... | Hacker News
jroseattle <> 1 day ago |
link <> |
I was on a path to becoming a professional golfer. I was a highly recruited
player coming out of high school, and had full-ride scholarship offers from
several schools.
Went to college, majored in accounting & finance. And played golf -- lots
of it. Played in national championships, competed abroad, surrounded by
coaches who fine-tuned my swing and improved my game. Played with many guys
who have been on the PGA tour at different points. I was on a path to the
tour, as well.
But it was unfulfilling, and I fell out of love with the sport. I took a
job in finance and investing at a small bank in 1991. Working my way up
from the bottom, I discovered a knack for technology by automating
processes that had been done by hand for years.
Never  looked  back. 
march 2013 by dubberx
Get Ex Back
In your face advice and tips on how to get your ex back through logical thinking and rational behaviour, not through emotional outbursts and desperate actions.
get  ex  back.  how  to  back  rekindle  relationship  stop  divorce  break  up 
july 2009 by global.dwellers

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