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restic/restic: Fast, secure, efficient backup program
Fast, secure, efficient backup program. Contribute to restic/restic development by creating an account on GitHub.
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4 days ago by po
Making rsync Behave like SyncToy · James Hibbard
Rsync is a command line program with a plethora of options. You can inspect these by entering man rsync at the terminal, or you can use it’s GUI version which is Grsync. Both can be installed via apt-get.

I went the Grsync route and spent a good while reading up on the options. This is what I came up with to replicate SyncToy’s echo:

Preserve time (-t)
Preserve owner (-o)
Preserve permissions (-p)
Preserve group (-g)
Delete on destination (-delete)
Do not leave filesystem (-x)
Verbose (-v)
Show transfer progress (-progress)
Always checksum (-c)
Copy symlinks as symlinks (-l)
Copy hardlinks as hardlinks (-H)
Show itemized changes list (-i)
Protect remote args (-s)
Recurse into directories (-r)
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7 days ago by Chirael
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16 days ago by somait
SET DRMDBBACKUPEXPIREDAYS (Specify DB backup series expiration)
Set DRMDBBackupexpiredays days
delete volhistory type=dbbackup todate=today-0
remove  delete  expire  tsm  spectrum  protect  sp  db  database  backups 
17 days ago by theskett

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