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Pick Some Baked Goods And We'll Reveal What Attracts People To You
why do I love this quiz so much? "You got: Your sense of humour
You're hilarious and everyone knows it. In a group of friends you're the one leaving everyone in hysterics and you can always think of the wittiest observations."
humor  quiz  buzzfeed  baking 
3 days ago by emmacarlson
Kiss the Baker - Ltleflrt - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Jo is pregnant and craving something a little bit unusual. When she sends Dean on a mission to find her some chocolate cake donuts with bacon sprinkles, he's sure that he'll fail. Luckily his partner Benny comes to his rescue and introduces him to a quirky little bakery that sells all kinds of weird (and delicious!) baked goods. And they do special orders!

Dean finds excuses to keep going back, and Castiel finds excuses to keep giving him special treats.
dean/castiel  au  baking  long  Supernatural  fluff 
5 days ago by ataratah

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