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Winter Weather and Your Home’s Hardwood
Rain, sleet, and snow all accompany the change in seasons around this time of year. All three of these sources of moisture can ruin the hardwood floors inside of your home.
hardwood  winter  hardwood-flooring  Baltimore 
4 days ago by Adventure_Web
Prime Mover: How Amazon Wove Itself Into the Life of an American City - The New York Times
Baltimore’s pleading pitch last year to become an additional headquarters city for Amazon, promising a whopping $3.8 billion in subsidies, did not even make the second round of bidding. But Amazon’s presence here shows how the many-armed titan may now reach into Americans’ daily lives in more ways than any corporation in history. If antitrust investigators want to sample Amazon’s impact on the ground, they could well take a look here.
amazon  antitrust  baltimore  privacy  labor 
9 days ago by perich
Discover How to Keep Outdoor Furniture Stable in Baltimore
When severe winds come your way, don't let your outdoor furniture blow away. Discover how to keep outdoor furniture stable in your Baltimore home.
decks  patio  Baltimore 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web
Planning an Office Holiday Party in Baltimore
Here’s how to throw an amazing office holiday party that’s sure to be fun and festive for all!
holiday-party  office-party  Baltimore 
15 days ago by Adventure_Web
Museum Will Only Buy Works Of Art By Women Next Year To Fix Tilt Toward Men
"This how you raise awareness and shift the identity of an institution," museum director Christopher Bedford told The Baltimore Sun. "You don't just purchase one painting by a female artist of color and hang it on the wall next to a painting by Mark Rothko. To rectify centuries of imbalance, you have to do something radical."
museum  art  baltimore 
21 days ago by djwudi
Archival activism is fun times! The amazing erwin_verb took a pic of me at my session at In this…
amia19  Baltimore  from twitter_favs
22 days ago by verwinv
What to Think About When Choosing Hardwood Flooring
Choosing new hardwood flooring can be an exciting prospect. But you have several decisions to make when you want to give your home a makeover.
hardwood-flooring  Baltimore  choosing-hardwood-flooring 
25 days ago by Adventure_Web
5 Questions with Anna Goodridge: How fresh perspectives and prototyping make innovation happen at Stanley Black & Decker - Baltimore
A recent graduate of the Johns Hopkins University’s mechanical engineering program, Goodridge shares how she’s bringing a combination of hands-on prototyping experience and collaborative mindset to help engineers make and innovate at Stanley Black and Decker.
innovation  baltimore  design  prototyping  awl 
4 weeks ago by cera
Ron Cassie - The Last Auto Worker in Baltimore
After 85 years of local history, General Motors has shuttered for good. Like Bethlehem Steel, it has been replaced by an Amazon fulfillment center.
Covering the equivalent of 40 football fields, the original GM plant consisted of five buildings, rail lines, driveways, walkways, test roads, and a parking lot for employees’ cars. The first trucks and cars rolled off in March 1935. That May, the United Automobile Workers was founded in Detroit.
“By the 1950s, an era many people say they want to return to, more than a third of the U.S. workforce was represented by a union,” Barry adds. “Today, it’s 11 percent.” Those union jobs at GM, as well as Bethlehem Steel, once the world’s largest steel plant, became the bedrock of Southeast and East Baltimore neighborhoods in the city, and Dundalk, Turner Station, Rosedale, Parkville, Essex, and Middle River in the county.
A one million-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center sprang up on the exact site of the demolished Broening Highway plant in 2015. It was no small coincidence that at Sparrows Point, atop the same grounds where Baltimore steelworkers smelted the iron ore that built the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building—and the muscle cars down the road at GM—a second, 855,000-square-foot Amazon fulfillment center popped up last year. Needless to say, the thousands of packaging jobs at Amazon—the highest-valued company in the world, owned by the wealthiest man in the world—pay half the wages of a union steel or automobile job. And they don’t include the health, pension, vacation, sick and family leave benefits, nor the job protections that typically come with a collective bargaining agreement. From August 2017 to September 2018, for example, 300 workers were fired from the Amazon fulfillment center at Broening Highway, according to documents from a recent wrongful termination suit.
“It’s a killer,” says Congressman C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger of GM’s decision to close the White Marsh facility. “And it makes me mad.” Ruppersberger pushed for the plant when he served as Baltimore County Executive and its subsequent revamping while on Capitol Hill. By GM’s own metrics, it’s one of its most efficient facilities in North America, he notes. “The American people invested in General Motors, and GM shows no loyalty in return,” Ruppersberger says, his voice rising. “There’s no loyalty to the community and to the taxpayers that have made their shareholders a lot of money. Instead, they’re moving plants to Mexico. It’s corporate greed,” continues Ruppersberger, who fired off a letter to GM CEO Mary Barra, attempting to claw back the taxpayer grants without success.
Baltimore  Labor  History  Unions  Automobiles  Transit  Amazon  Sociopathology  MD 
4 weeks ago by dbourn

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