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Don't Put Fat Jars in Docker Images
Why fat jars in a Docker container is not a good idea and how we can easily do better
fat  jar  archive  docker  image  issue  bandwidth  size  java  maven  plugin 
3 days ago by ebouchut
Google - polling like it's the 90s • Ably Blog: Data in Motion
Matt O'Riordan (who is CEO and co-founder of Ably):
<p>Ably recently had the pleasure of delivering realtime scoring and commentary updates to fans of the Laver Cup tennis championship, on behalf of Tennis Australia, for the third year in a row.  During the event, I saw that Google embeds live score updates within search results, which is pretty nifty. It seems this first appeared in results sometime in 2016 and received an update for the 2018 World Cup.

Being the curious engineer and realtime geek I am, I jumped in to my browser dev console and started reverse engineering the Google magic.  Given the sheer scale of everything Google does, I was anticipating some off-the-wall micro-optimization work to squeeze out every last byte to minimize bandwidth and energy consumption.  After all Google, has been pioneering the “light web” for years now, with initiatives like AMP, so I expected nothing less

So what did I find? Literally, technology from the 90s.

In this blog post I dive into why Google’s design choices are surprisingly bad in terms of bandwidth demand, energy consumption (battery life and unnecessary contribution to global warming), and ultimately a sluggish user experience.  At Google’s scale, I expected to see the use of common shared primitives such as an efficient streaming pub/sub API, or dogfooding of their own products.</p>

Certainly seems to be done sub-optimally: 38x higher bandwidth than necessarily, 25x higher latency. Is this the same Google where Page and Brin used to scream for faster loading of the home page?
google  bandwidth  data 
15 days ago by charlesarthur
People Speak Faster in Less Efficient Languages - The Atlantic
In other words, no matter how quickly speakers chatter, the rate of information they’re transmitting is roughly the same across languages.
language  information  communication  efficiency  speed  bits  bandwidth  spoken 
5 weeks ago by earth2marsh
Tool that limits bandwidth of devices on the same network without access.
hacking  network  limiter  bandwidth 
5 weeks ago by xcession
The truth about faster internet: it’s not worth it • WSJ
Shalini Ramachandran,Thomas Gryta,Kara Dapena,Patrick Thomas:
<p>Americans are spending ever more for blazing internet speeds, on the promise that faster is better. Is that really the case?

For most people, the answer is no.

The Wall Street Journal studied the internet use of 53 of our journalists across the country, over a period of months, in coordination with researchers at Princeton University and the University of Chicago.

Our panelists used only a fraction of their available bandwidth to watch streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, even simultaneously. Quality didn’t improve much with higher speeds. Picture clarity was about the same. Videos didn’t launch quicker.

Broadband providers such as Comcast Corp., Charter Communications Inc. and AT&T Inc. are marketing speeds in the range of 250, 500 or even 1,000 megabits a second, often promising that streaming-video bingers will benefit. “Fast speeds for all of your shows,” declares one online ad from Comcast.

But for a typical household, the benefits of paying for more than 100 megabits a second are marginal at best, according to the researchers. That means many households are paying a premium for services they don’t need.</p>

Terrific investigation. Of course, 100Mbps - which is what you need - is only feasible with fibre; and that also enables symmetric connectivity (upload and download speeds equal). Another WSJ investigation, about the same time, found that ISPs were providing "free" upgrades - say, from 75Mbps to 150Mbps - and then charging people more after the "free promotional period" expired. So evil.
isp  bandwidth  internet 
6 weeks ago by charlesarthur
Speedometer 2.8 -
Measure and display the rate of data across a network connection or data being stored in a file.
sysadmin  work  bandwidth 
6 weeks ago by richtbreak

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