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Center for the Study of the Drone – at Bard College
"The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College is an interdisciplinary research institution that examines the novel and complex opportunities and challenges presented by unmanned technologies in both the military and civilian sphere. By conducting original, in-depth, and inquiry-driven projects, we seek to furnish stakeholders, policy-makers, and the public with the resources to engage in a robust public debate and develop policies that best address those opportunities and challenges.

For queries and submissions, write to"
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july 2016 by robertogreco
New Left Review - Evgeny Morozov: Socialize the Data Centres!
But these Internet debates tend to operate with a kind of amnesia, narrating everything in a kind of abstracted history of technology. (..) If Europe were really serious, it would need to establish a different legal regime around data, perhaps ensuring that they cannot be sold at all, and then get smaller enterprises to develop solutions (from search to email) on top of data so protected. (..) In the course of my genealogical research into the history of ‘the Internet’—it’s a challenge to write it both from discursive and materialistic standpoints—I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to understand what’s been happening in Silicon Valley. For no plausible story can emerge unless Silicon Valley itself is situated within some broader historical narrative—of changes in production and consumption, changes in state forms, changes in the surveillance capabilities and needs of the US military.
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january 2015 by gohai
Bennington introduces new option for applicants @insidehighered
"Bennington College on Wednesday announced a new option for undergraduate applicants in which they themselves determine entirely what to send or not send for consideration.

The college was already test-optional and a member of the Common Application, and will continue to accept applications that way. But a new "dimensional admissions" option will let students create their entire application portfolio (including transcripts from high school only if they wish).

There will be no suggested format except for this broad prompt: “We invite you to share with us a collection of your work that speaks to these capacities and creates a portrait of what you bring to the Bennington community. We invite you to be deeply thoughtful. We invite you to be bold. We invite you to bring your own dimension to the college application.”

Bennington officials said that in the same way that the college encourages students to be creative and to think for themselves, the college now wants to see how applicants demonstrate those qualities.

A panel of faculty members and Bennington alumni will review the applications that are submitted this way. Their charge will be to evaluate applicants based on how their submission -- in whatever form -- shows "the ability to create and revise work, dexterity with words and numbers, inventiveness, intrinsic motivation, and the capacity to apply ... understanding to new situations," as well as on other qualities.

A spokeswoman from Bennington said that a high school transcript (which would be part of a review under the Common Application) could be submitted by an applicant using the dimensional approach, but that this was not required.

Bennington's announcement comes the same month that Goucher College announced that it was creating a new admissions option. At Goucher, applicants may submit a two-minute video and two pieces of work done in high school instead of everything else, including the high school transcript. While some experts praised the idea as innovative (and it attracted considerable attention), others said that a high school transcript is in fact necessary to effectively evaluate applicants.

In 2013, Bard College introduced an option for applicants to apply using only essays -- four 2,500-word research papers -- and the college has been pleased with the results.

Hung Bui, vice president and dean of admissions and financial aid at Bennington, said via email that he expected most applicants to continue to use the Common Application and to submit transcripts.

On the issue admitting students without high school transcripts, Bui said that "whatever application students are using, the Common App or the dimensional application, we require that they demonstrate a record of academic achievement to be admitted to Bennington." He added that "transcripts are one way to communicate a student's capacity to work hard and consistently. We are open to reviewing other materials, in addition or in place of a transcript, that demonstrate those same qualities.""

[More on the Goucher College announcement: ]
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september 2014 by robertogreco
Alternative university - Wikipedia
"Alternative universities which may be known by other names, especially as colleges in the United States are institutions which offer an education and in some cases a lifestyle which is intentionally not the mainstream of other institutions. Through the use of experimental and nonconvential curricula and offering much choice to students as to what and how they will study, such institutions distinguish themselves from traditional faculties…

Alternative universities, colleges and institutions in the USA: Antioch College; Bard College; Bennington College; College of the Atlantic; Deep Springs College; Evergreen State College; Eugene Lang College, which is part of The New School; Hampshire College; Goddard College; New College of Florida; Naropa University; Oberlin College; Reed College; Sarah Lawrence College; Union Institute & University BA Program; Warren Wilson College; Western Institute for Social Research"
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september 2010 by robertogreco
Bard Prison Initiative
"BPI runs college inside two long-term, maximum-security prisons and two transitional medium-security prisons. Between these four prison campuses the Initiative now enrolls over 100 incarcerated students, women and men, fulltime in a rigorous and diverse
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april 2007 by robertogreco
Maximum Security Education, How Some Inmates Are Getting A Top-Notch Education Behind Bars - CBS News
"Bard, an elite private college is offering true liberal arts degrees to some inmates in New York state. It's not what you’d imagine goes on behind the bars of a maximum security prison."
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april 2007 by robertogreco
Bard College - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Steely Dan, Chevy Chase, Blythe Danner, Christopher Guest, and my Mrs. -- all Bard attendees (though Mad transferred out to the far less depressing UCSC).
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june 2006 by merlinmann

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