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The Bash Hackers Wiki [Bash Hackers Wiki]
This wiki is intended to hold documentation of any kind about GNU Bash. The main motivation was to provide human-readable documentation and information so users aren't forced to read every bit of the Bash manpage - which can be difficult to understand. However, the docs here are not meant as a newbie tutorial.
linux  documentation  bash 
5 hours ago by ethack
Bash One-Liners Explained, Part I: Working with files - good coders code, great coders reuse
Bash one-liners explained is my new article series about how to get various things done in bash. I use the best bash practices and idioms only. After I'm done, I'll publish an e-book and release bash1line.txt that will contain all the bash recipes from my articles.
bash  programming  article 
2 days ago by dirtpupfc
The Ultimate Bash Array Tutorial with 15 Examples
An array is a variable containing multiple values may be of same type or of different type.  There is no maximum limit to the size of an array, nor any re
bash  arrays  programming 
2 days ago by dirtpupfc

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