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What a lot of people don’t know about me is that I played overseas!
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5 hours ago by someguy
Frank Vogel estimates how much LeBron James, Anthony Davis will play in China, Jared Dudley says he should be back ‘soon’ - Silver Screen and Roll
If you’re wondering how the Lakers will manage their frontcourt minutes in China, here is a brief update on LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Jared Dudley.
After the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Golden State Warriors on Saturday night, a bit more information was revealed about the relative availability of three members of their frontcourt moving forward: LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Jared Dudley.
The Lakers are headed to China for preseason games against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday and Saturday, and head coach Frank Vogel told reporters that fans waking up early to watch (or attending locally) can expect to see James and Davis about the same amount against the Nets that they did against the Warriors (via @Lakers on Twitter):
“We’ll see, probably similar to tonight, (or) maybe a little bit more. I’ll meet with those guys and with the medical team, and we’ll make smart decisions on that.”
Davis played 18 minutes and 25 seconds against Golden State, while James got 17 minutes and 59 seconds of burn. That’s about standard usage for veteran stars during the preseason, so as long as the medical team doesn’t reveal anything distressing, it’s probably fair to assume Vogel will stick to his word.
There is also the matter that stars want to play in China in order to expand their marketing reach in the increasingly basketball-crazed country, so James and Davis will almost assuredly want to have enough time to put on a show like the one they unleashed on the Warriors.
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Five Thoughts From the Lakers Win Over the Warriors - Forum Blue And Gold
The Lakers helped the Warriors open up their brand new arena in San Francisco on Saturday and I was there to see them up close. The final score was 123-101 Lakers, and the final score pretty much reflected the level each team played to. The Lakers came out fast to take a big lead and then coasted for a bit when the Warriors made a nice push to get into halftime with a decent lead. The Lakers reserves played the entire 2nd half and promptly reestablished their position as the better group and ran away with things.
All in all, it was a good showing for the first taste of Lakers basketball. After the game Frank Vogel said he was “excited” for what the team could be and that over the course of the game we saw it in flashes. I agree with Vogel. The Lakers looked great in stretches, looked sloppy in other parts, and, ultimately, beat a Warriors team that was banged up and seeking a new identity after losing several key contributors from the core group that kept them as the league’s standard bearer for the past half decade this summer to free agency and trades.
In saying all that, being in the arena for the game gave me an interesting vantage point for the contest, so here are 5 thoughts on what I saw from the Lakers in their preseason opener.
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Fast reactions to Lakers' preseason opener - Lakers Outsiders
The Los Angeles Lakers debuted their new-look squad on Saturday in a demolishment of the Golden State Warriors in the first exhibition game played at the defending Western Conference champions’ new arena in San Francisco. While preseason caveats are always necessary, there was still plenty to take away from an exciting display in the Lakers preseason opener.
1. Anthony Davis is good
If you had any doubts at all about the Lakers giving up too much in their pursuit of former Pelicans star Anthony Davis, he probably put those to rest pretty quickly.
In his debut in the new threads, Davis completely outclassed the Warriors and took advantage of the injuries to their big men. The new Lakers superstar dominated the glass and slammed home five dunks in the first quarter alone en route to a 22-point, 10-rebound performance in just 18 minutes.
Perhaps more importantly, Davis’ chemistry with LeBron James stood out immediately, with the two partners connecting on multiple plays that left the Warriors confused by who to guard. Despite all the talk about the depth on the team, it’s that partnership that will determine the course of the Lakers’ season and so far, it’s off to a rocking start.
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Laker Film Room: Breaking down Anthony Davis in his preseason debut for Lakers - Silver Screen and Roll
Anthony Davis was everything the Lakers could have hoped for and more in his first game with the team.
How fun was that?!?
Anthony Davis showed instant chemistry with LeBron James in his first game with the Lakers, particularly on ball screens. James commended Davis for the intelligence with which he plays in his post-game interview, and what he was talking about was on display in their first connection of the game.
Davis set a flat-angle ball screen for James — meaning that his back is facing the baseline — which allowed LeBron to use the screen while driving in either direction. Davis made good contact (hallelujah!), and with James putting pressure on the rim, all Davis had to do is dive to the front of the rim while sealing Alfonzo McKinnie behind him.
James missed the layup, but it was an easy put-back for Davis, especially considering he’s good at cleaning up with either hand. This type of “pick your poison” quandary should put defenses in difficult positions and benefit their teammates throughout the season.
Davis also dominated on the offensive glass, along with his fellow Lakers bigs, taking advantage of a Golden State team that was missing several of its own big men. As a result, the Warriors were no match for Davis’ combination of length, jumping ability, and timing.
Let’s take a closer look at his dominant debut...
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
LeBron James texted Kendrick Perkins that he’ll prove he’s still the best player in the NBA: ‘I will reclaim my throne’ - Silver Screen and Roll
LeBron James isn’t giving up his crown that easy.
Last season, LeBron James was unable to lead his team to the playoffs for the first time since 2006. For context to just how long that was, the first-ever tweet was sent out into the universe almost exactly a month before James made his playoff debut with the Cleveland Cavaliers on April 22, 2006, so, yeah — it’s been a while.
James missing the playoffs led to conversations about how much he has left in the tank at 34 years old, and whether or not he is still the best player in the league.
For the first time since ESPN and Sports Illustrated started doing player rankings in 2012 and 2013, respectively, James wasn’t ranked No. 1 this summer. This year also marked the first time since 2016 that James didn’t get a single first-place vote for MVP. 2016 was the year Stephen Curry was unanimously voted MVP.
The list of people that believe that James has something to prove is as long as its ever been, and James plans to remind everyone exactly who he is in his second season with the Los Angeles Lakers: (via the “Scal and Pals” podcast)...
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
NBA's 30 teams rated from top contenders to bottom tier
Some people like power rankings. I prefer tiers. It's a big-picture method of capturing how good teams are today, and where they are in the NBA's rise-and-fall cycle. It is an especially interesting exercise approaching the most wide-open season in recent memory. More teams than usual have claims to membership in the highest tiers. Boundaries are fluid.
As always, the listed order within each tier does not matter.
Tier 1: Top title contenders
LA Clippers
Los Angeles Lakers
Milwaukee Bucks
Philadelphia 76ers
Utah Jazz
Provisional status: Houston Rockets
• Some have eight teams here. Others cap it at the first four listed. Let's split the difference.
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Rob Pelinka wasn’t sure Anthony Davis trade would get done, but felt Lakers ‘owed it to’ LeBron James to make it happen - Silver Screen and Roll
Rob Pelinka says the Lakers almost weren’t able to pull off the Anthony Davis trade, but his commitment to LeBron James hammered home just how critical the deal was.
Anthony Davis is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers now, and even has one preseason game already under his belt. According to Rob Pelinka, that almost didn’t happen.
Pelinka told Dave McMenamin of ESPN that even on the day that the trade was agreed to, he had his doubts as to whether the Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans could reach some common ground:
“The day that it was completed, I remember there were a number of hurdles that seemed insurmountable that came up where we thought this just is never going to happen.”
Griffin, who had parted ways with the Cavs just days before Kyrie Irving requested a trade out of Cleveland, had ruminated for some time on how he would have handled that situation. Now that he was in the driver’s seat with Davis, he was intent on leveraging a killer deal.
”Literally the day that the trade happened,” Pelinka says, “there were a couple points I was convinced that there would be no further conversations.”
I would absolutely love to know more in-detail about what was holding up the trade, even as it went down. We know now given the context of how few other teams were involved in their own negotiations with New Orleans that the Lakers’ eventual package felt like a bit of an overpay, even for Davis, but which specific hurdles Pelinka was concerned about would be fascinating to learn about.
Who among Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart was hardest to part with? Where did Kyle Kuzma reside in terms of prioritization among the aforementioned newest Pelicans? Were the complicated pick swaps part of the hold-up? How close were the Lakers to getting to keep any other young players or picks? What was the final piece that got the deal done? Oh, and about that trade processing date...
Still, at the end of the day, Pelinka knew he owed it not just to the people in the Lakers organization who employ him and Lakers fans everywhere to acquire Davis, but that he also owed it to LeBron James...
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Inside how Frank Vogel wants the Lakers to play defense - Silver Screen and Roll
Conversations with Frank Vogel and multiple Lakers — coupled with observations from training camp and the preseason — have revealed some key details of how this team plans to lock down their opponents.
There are defensive-minded coaches, and then there is whatever the hell Frank Vogel is. And because nearly every coach in the history of professional sports preaches the importance of defense with cliches, to hit Vogel with the “defensive-minded” moniker he’s so frequently been tagged with since accepting the job of Los Angeles Lakers head coach really does feel like a disservice to a man so maniacally committed to keeping his opponent from scoring that he’ll stop a scrimmage in training camp to give his players a lecture on how to defend a free-throw shooter.
Yes, you read that right. Not how to keep a player off the free-throw line. Not how to distract them from the bench. Vogel paused a scrimmage on the third day of training camp to explain to Avery Bradley — who was on the team that had just fouled JaVale McGee and currently standing to the seven-footer’s left at the free throw line — that he should get his arm up while McGee was attempting his ensuing free-throw.
”Without stepping into the lane, I want you to try to block his shot,” Vogel implored Bradley, waving his arm for emphasis before gesturing to the rest of the defensive team to raise and move their arms as well. “Try to change his shot. Try to guard the free-throw, without coming into the lane.”
Was this just a practice thing? Do the Lakers actually intend to try to do that in games? Is that even legal? How often would it even work on NBA-level free-throw shooters, who already have to overcome raucous fans and the pressure of everyone they’ve ever met watching closely on T.V. when they step to the line? A couple times a year? Maybe?
We don’t know the answer to those questions, but the fact that Vogel even has us asking them shows the commitment to stopping buckets he’s brought to the Lakers, a team that is already feeling the imprint of its new head coach just a few weeks into the official start of his reign.
It’s not clear how good the Lakers can actually be on defense, but if they’re bad, it won’t be for lack of planning, strategizing and philosophizing not to be.
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10 hours ago by rgl7194
Danny Green calls spacing he gets from playing with Anthony Davis and LeBron James ‘very rare,’ says he’ll have to adjust to it with Lakers - Silver Screen and Roll
Although it was only game one of the preseason, the Lakers trio of LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Danny Green is off to an encouraging start.
A Saturday night that left Los Angeles Lakers fans bewitched with their new star tandem’s performance — and for good reason — also teased another potential strength of the team.
At around the 9:30 mark of the first quarter, Danny Green attempted his first shot as a Laker, and in the process, received a first-hand glimpse of the benefits that come with playing beside LeBron James and Anthony Davis — and how to best exploit them.
The set saw a dribble hand-off exchange between James and Davis lead seamlessly into a pick and roll between the duo. The culmination: a scrambling defense in which Steph Curry loses track of Green, who soon after found himself with the ball in his hands, his feet behind the 3-point line and an ocean of space between him and the nearest Warrior.
The shot clanked, but the potential for success was excitingly evident.
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13 hours ago by rgl7194
The Over Under Initiative
A health mission with a game changing solution.
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2 days ago by natetharp
NBL, Twitch enter two year deal to stream all games globally
The NBL could reach brand new audiences after inking a two-year deal to have all games streamed live on the Twitch platform.
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3 days ago by lightningdb
The NBA Doesn’t Give A Fuck About People
The NBA already knows the math. The NBA already knows that whatever price it may pay for aligning themselves with the Chinese government against one of its own teams’ employees—all because Rockets GM Daryl Morey tweeted out a show of support for protesters in Hong Kong—will be nothing compared to what they stood to lose if they had grown a fucking spine. Morey’s single tweet was enough to raise the ire of the mainland Chinese government and put both the NBA’s and the Rockets’ lucrative relationships with China in peril. Those relationships are worth billions of dollars: the fruit of the league’s 20th-century efforts to extend their brand into Asia and points beyond. The NBA is more than happy to endure a lousy news cycle, pissy op-eds like this included, to preserve those riches. Getting ratioed is a low cost of doing business when you’ve already traded your soul away. And pretending you’re not owned is not only a pervasive damage control model in America, but a depressingly effective one as well.
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4 days ago by beery
Adam Silver Is Finally Being Judged As a Commissioner, Not As Our Pal
The NBA leader has been closely scrutinized in the aftermath of the league’s Daryl Morey–incited conflict with China. The long honeymoon between Silver and the media is officially over.
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4 days ago by beery
The W.N.B.A. Is Putting On Some of the Best Pro Basketball in America
"Many in women’s professional sports are tired of hearing that until their leagues increase attendance or draw higher ratings, they don’t deserve serious investment, which has always seemed to come first for men. Money spent, or 'lost', on them is typically described as a 'cost', while money poured into men’s franchises, many of which lose much more of it, is described as an 'investment'. According to an article in The Sacramento Bee, published just after the city was awarded an M.L.S. franchise this spring, most of that league’s teams are losing money, yet investors are enthusiastically paying $200 million expansion fees to buy in. No one would agree that M.L.S. gives fans soccer at its finest. But when it comes to fundamentals — pure basketball — the W.N.B.A. does. 'Is every owner in every sport being asked, "Is your team making money or not?" Because that’s going to decide whether the league is viable or not,' Vince Kozar, the chief operating officer of the Phoenix Mercury, told me. 'The year-over-year comparisons feel really shortsighted and really specific to women.'"
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5 days ago by bankbryan
Can the N.B.A. Find a Basketball Superstar in India?
"With India’s population poised to surpass China’s, its 1.3 billion people represent a huge potential market for the N.B.A. But for an enterprise that surpassed $8 billion in revenue in the 2017-18 season while basking in the glow of its association with progressive politics, the N.B.A.’s India venture presents a challenge. For all its economic growth and nouveau riches — more billionaires reside in India than anywhere other than the U.S., China and Germany, according to Forbes — the country is still impoverished. Its poverty rate, upward of 21 percent, is one of the world’s highest. The per capita gross domestic product in 2018 ranked 142nd out of 187 countries, according to the International Monetary Fund, and the per capita income is roughly $150 a month. But the N.B.A. isn’t in India on a charity mission. It wants to find the first Indian basketball star. There’s something of a paradox in this endeavor to turn India into the N.B.A.’s next frontier: The N.B.A. needs that single, Yao Ming-like superstar to boost the sport’s popularity, yet a widespread Indian basketball culture is probably needed to create that superstar. The N.B.A. is trying."
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5 days ago by bankbryan
Daryl Morey, Hong Kong, and the NBA’s Convenient “Non-political” Stance - The Ringer
«Tilman Fertitta, the Rockets’ owner, occasionally goes on CNBC to praise Donald Trump, from whom he bought an Atlantic City casino in 2011, and to say things like “Obamacare does not work.” He has no problem then turning around and declaring that the Rockets are a “non-political organization” to make nice with China, because what he means by “non-political organization” is that he thinks hundred-dollar bills are nice, and also fuck you.»
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